Jiki Shinkage Ryu Bokken (Hojo) - White Oak

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From 4 workshops in 2019, the wooden weapon industry in Japan is now reduced to one workshop at full capacity and one workshop with reduced capacity. Stock shortage are more and more common, so please make sure to check the availability displayed above the add to cart button upon options selection. Feel free to read our blog article for more information on the situation.

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  • Jiki Shinkage Ryu Bokken - White Oak

    Made in Japan (Kyushu)

    Flat Spine | Flat butt | Small Kissaki

    White Oak available

    This Jiki Shinkage Ryu Bokken is made from a single piece of white oak from the southern islands of Kyushu (Japan). Although it is meant for practitioners of the Koryu "Kashima Shinden Jiki Shinkage", it is, because of its weight, an excellent Bokken for suburi. It is indeed the heaviest Bokken offered by SeidoShop. There are two different types of Bokken existing for this school: The heavy one, presented here, for the practice of Bokken against Bokken, and a lighter one that corresponds to a standard/deluxe Bokken. This heavy model is also known as Hojo Bokken as it is mainly used to practice the Hojo Kata. This school is famous for training with super heavyweight furibo, which because of its weight, we, unfortunately, cannot offer them on SeidoShop due to their size and weight (but we offer Furibo model that goes up to 10 kg).

    Please note: This type differs from the "Jiki Shinkage Naginata Yo" thinner, designed for practise Bokken vs Naginata in Jikishinkage Ryu Naginata jutsu.

    • Choice of wood species: white oak
    • Available finish: Standard Finish or Seido Special Finish.
    • Manufacturing workshop: Aramaki

    Finish options:

    In 2021, with concerns for the workers, all workshops greatly reduced the number of urethane-varnished weapons and replaced the finish with "Candle Wax". Seido is now transitioning to a new finish offer for the majority of its weapons.

    Standard Finish: At Seido, we complete the workshop finish with Camelia oil treatment by default. This is the standard Seido finish.
    We do not apply any additional polishing for this finish, so some weapons might have a slightly rough surface.
    For maintenance, we recommend that you oil your weapons about once a month with a vegetal-based oil.

    Seido Special Finish: For this special Finish, we first apply a Camelia oil polish (oiling and sanding the weapons with oiled sandpaper), then we finish the weapon with high-quality beeswax. This finish makes the wood as smooth as it can be and guarantees excellent protection for several months.
    For maintenance, we recommend at least to oil your weapons every month or so. You can also apply wax a few hours after oiling your weapons (if some oil remains on the wood, remove it with a piece of cloth or tissue).

    About Jiki Shinkage Ryu :

    The "Kashima Shinden Jikishinkage Ryu" evolved from the Shinkage Ryu and the Kage Ryu, which both have disappeared. Its beginnings are situated in the 16th century and attributed to Matsumoto Bizen No Kami Naokatsu. This school had its apogee at the end of the Edo period and it is one of the major schools (with the Onoha Itto Ryo) studied by the founder of the Daito Ryu Aikijutsu, Sokaku Takeda. In this school, the focus is on the coordination of breathing and technique for which the used furibo (suburito) can weigh up to 50 kg.

    Jiki Shinkage Hojo Bokken Specifications
    Wood Shirakashi
    (White Oak)
    Weight 1100 ~ 1200 g
    Full length 101.5 cm
    Blade length 77 cm
    Tsuka length 24.5 cm
    Tsuka diameter 44 x 39 mm
    Mine Hiramine (flat spine)
    Tsuka shape Taira (flat butt)
    Kissaki Beveled (originall Kissaki)
    Sori Almost no curvature

    *Due to the hand-made manufacturing, color and weight may vary slightly from one weapon to another

  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Abdullah (KUWAIT)
    Good product

    Good and heavy-duty bokken

    Shodokan Ronin Dojo (España)
    As usual in Seido outstanding quality!

    I ordered this Jiki Shinkage Ryu Bokken about three months ago. I use it as a suburito, not as my usual bokken. What I most like is that has the same length of my regular bokken but is three times more weighted. I am fascinated with the quality of all Seido items and this is in the same line of highest quality that my other 4 different bokken bought previously (all them different models). I feel I had a piece of Art in my hands every single time I take it (or any of the others).
    Just one recommendation: use the engraving service because it gives the final touch of quality and is something you will be using for a lifetime. And a last thought: how long will still working the last Japanese craftsmen? So I feel we are buying the last pieces of an ending era of Art...

    桂川 (直心影流)


    JMB (USA)
    Very nice for suburi, but a possible concern

    II am not a student of jiki shinkage ryu, but I am fascinated with this challenging bokken for suburi. Indeed, I have found it excellent for that purpose — for me at least, the large circumference of the tsuka places a premium on gripping method and hand strength.

    For what I want, this bokken is perfect. However I note that the flat spine seems slightly misaligned from true. While this is no concern for me, a practitioner from the ryu might find it distracting.

    I offer this observation in the spirit of constructive feedback, with the disclaimer that I do not know what the true shape should be, nor how the ryu views small deviations.

    Christian (Germany)
    Jiki Shinkage Ryu Bokken - White oak, oil polished

    This bokken is outstanding in quality and balance. It is quite heavy and perfect for Suburi. And again delivery was fast and communication very clear and friendly. Thank you Seido - I will order again.

    Anil Sahal (UK, Sheffield Iaido Dojo)
    Beautiful Item, delivered at warp speed!

    I was expecting this to be unwieldy but although it is substantial, it’s a beautifully balanced bokuto! I’m not sure I can fathom how the crafts person is able to achieve this, but they have. I ordered the oil white oak version with tsuka engraving and it’s a truly lovely piece of timber being smooth to the touch and the tsuka really fills the hand in a manner to which I’m unaccustomed but find pleasing. Training with this bokuto will go a long way to improving my shisei,, tenouchi and indeed ‘cutting musculature’.

    Seido’s service is just amazing too. Easy to follow ordering, lovely laser engraving and delivery took just 5days from ordering from Japan to arrival in the UK...fantastic service!

    Just another budo bum (USA)
    Excellent bokuto

    I ordered the bokuto in shirogashi with oil finish. I'd recommend that combination. The bokuto feels very nice, and it is very well-made.

    REMY D. (BECELEUF (France))
    Exellente finition

    BOKEN très particulier et étonnant quand à sa tenue et son équilibre. Exellente finition et livraison bien plus rapide que prévue ( vous êtes de véritables ninja).

    David (USA, Joshinkan Dojo)
    I didn’t know I could love a piece of wood

    So, I’m not sure if this is significant, but this bokken resonates if the blade is struck when it is held near where the tsuba would be. It makes this pleasant “bonnngg” and it’s a little bit like its spirit is coming out. Anyway, I like that about it; I think it speaks to the quality of the wood selection and fine craftsmanship. I am very happy with this product and am really enjoying training with it.

    Fritz (Aikikai Wien)
    Superb Bokken

    The bokken is finely crafted with excellent alignment to the grain. The measurements 1015x43x37 mm (length X max tsuka diameter X min tsuka diameter) seems to resemble the specification given in Saito Meishins Book from 1901 (no tsuka dimensions given in this book, but the specified length and proportions of the drawing fit well) contrasting to the the shorter and slimmer values given in Yamada Jirokichis Book from 1927 (9999x42.42x34.84) or even more so to the values given in Ishigaki Yasuzos Book from 1992 (970x40x32). There seems to have been a tendency to shorter and lighter hojo bokken throughout the 20th century and now the trend is apparently going back to the roots.

    When I was young (about 35 years back) Sugano sensei had us perform 20 minutes of animated suburi every day during a 10 day seminar. On the last day we did Yonkyo for the rest of the session. "Now you know, why you were doing all the suburi !" Sugano sensei smiled. This very bokken feels do be the ideal tool for yonkyo preparation suburi. The tsuka has nearly the diameter of a slim wrist and it moves smoothly despite the size and weight. It does feel really fine in handling.

    This bokken helps you to get a good feeling and connection and to guide it into a movement along its natural tendencies rather than force it. I really love its feeling.

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    When importing Japanese reviews, the impossibility to automatically determine the presence of a familly name forced us to label all Japanese reviews as 'anonymous' (Familly names in roman characters have been filtered out).

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Jiki Shinkage Ryu Bokken (Hojo) - White Oak: ¥16,200


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In stock: ships within 2 working days
Order today and we will ship before
Availability : around (Shipping date estimation)
As we are not able to guarantee the next availability for this product, orders are temporarily suspended. We invite you to come back check the availability around
This product is out of stock and discontinued. It cannot be ordered any longer.
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