Extra Heavy Hakkaku Furibo (Octagonal Shape) - Benigashi

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From 4 workshops in 2019, the wooden weapon industry in Japan is now reduced to one workshop at full capacity and one workshop with reduced capacity. For this reason, all orders for custom-made items have a production time of about 5 months without guarantees. We will contact you if the order is delayed, but please know that delays are now very common for those orders. Feel free to read our blog article for more information on the situation.

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Product Information & Size Chart

  • Extra Heavy Octagonal Hakkaku Furibo - Benigashi

    Made in Japan (Kyushu)
    Available weights: ~3 kg, ~5 kg, and ~10 kg
    Benigashi only

    The octagonal Furibo are very popular among practitioners who simply want to improve muscular strength. Even the heaviest Suburito of this type are extremely well balanced. This model is available with a weight up to 10 kg. The 3 kg models are available in stock, other models require a longer production time.

    Benigashi is one of the Japanese words for timber called "Yacal" that originates from Southern Asia. Yacal provides valuable woods, aromatic essential oils, balsam, and resins, but it is rather weak to chocs and contact practice in comparison to red/white oaks. In addition, it often presents cracks, especially on very thick and heavy models.
    It is currently the only timber available in Japan that allows the production of Furibo over 2 kg. Being exclusively used by the Aramaki workshop, it is the only workshop currently capable of producing extra heavy Suburito.

    Unlike the Suburito that are designed to be swung in movements that reproduce totally or partially the cuts practiced in Kata, this Furibo must be used with a particular technique that reverts to the entire body. It is important to focus on the breathing technique and the bending of the legs, especially when using the heavy models. Do not attempt to use it if you do not know how, or you might hurt your back badly.

    • Choice of wood species: Benigashi only
    • Available finish: Urethane varnish only
    • Manufacturing workshop: Aramaki
    Octogonal Hakkaku Furibo
    Weight ~3 kg ~5 kg ~10 kg
    Length 115 cm 115 cm~135 cm 135 cm
    Blade length 78 cm 78 cm~98 cm 98 cm
    Tsuka length 37 cm
    Tsuka diameter 40 x 40 mm

    *Due to the hand-made manufacturing, color, and weight may vary from one weapon to another
    Please be aware that, depending on wood availability, the measurements (length included), and shape may vary.


    The Suburito are designed to work on muscular strength and physical power. Suburi practice can be beneficial to all practitioners, but it must be done, at least initially, supervised by a teacher. Improper use of the Suburito can quickly lead to tendinitis, shoulder and back pain etc.

  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    令和の落ち武者 (鬼殺隊)


    ぬせる (合気会)


    Vernon (United States)

    oha SeidoShop Support Team. Your attention to detail throughout the process is greatly appreciated.
    On a consumer level, it pretty much exceeded any expectations one might have in a wireless transaction let alone a walk in experience. Your commitment to preserving traditional crafts thru your business allows the consumer to be apart of that experience and I’m honored and humbled. I will use these products with great respect. Excellent service. Ok aloha and domo arigato gozaimasu🙏🏻🥋Vern

    TY (Canada, Toronto)
    Fantastic Furibo

    I received mine recently. The team at Seidoshop worked hard to get it delivered even through the Covid pandemic, which was much appreciated. The bo is very well balanced and a pleasure to use, i am already making this a part of my daily routine..

    Matt (United States)
    Heaviest Models Still Great

    The quality and balance is phenomenal even with the 10kg furibo variation Seido offers.

    Matt (United States)
    Continue to be Impressed

    Recently, I also obtained an 8 kg model of this item. The same level of precision as the others is present in this and the color tone is a bit lighter than the others which highlights the handmade qualities in my opinion. It’s pleasingly symmetrical and because the type of wood used seems so dense, the bulk is still manageable in most areas where training is done. As the product description indicates, some cracks can be visible over time but this seems mostly aesthetic in my estimation as it doesn’t effect any training sessions and still seems just as solid as when it was new.

    Matt (United States)
    Great Quality and Well-crafted

    I have both the 3 kg and 5 kg models and they are all-around fantastic for training. I was previously unfamiliar with Benigashi wood but am impressed with this material as well. It seems more dense and harder than the oak woods but is also still aestheticly pleasing. It’s easy to tell that very high levels of precision were observed when these were made.
    I hope to order more in the future.
    Thank you

    OLIVIER M. (LES LILAS (France))
    Excellent achat

    Excellent achat, Furibo massif et élégant dans son aspect bois brut travaillé. Le petit dernier (2 ans) le compare à un pied de tabouret, voire de table, tellement l'aspect de l'objet est impressionnant. Travaille du centrage, de l'extension, de la saisie, de la respiration, de la coupe lente (poids oblige). Parfait pour travailler ensuite avec le bokken que l'on ne sent plus et qui devient prolongement du corps (enfin c'est la sensation recherchée, mais j'en suis encore loin). Service précis de SEIDO, excellente compagnie, pour l'instant, à la deuxième commande et au quatrième produit livré, je ne puis prodiguer que des encouragements à poursuivre sur cette voie. Merci à vous tous, et bonne continuation.Bien cordialement,OM.

    Joachim G. (Yverdon-les-bains (Suisse))
    Vraiment superbe

    Livraison en avance sur la date de réception.
    Le suburito est vraiment superbe, mieux que sur les photos.

    Je recommande vivement

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    When importing Japanese reviews, the impossibility to automatically determine the presence of a familly name forced us to label all Japanese reviews as 'anonymous' (Familly names in roman characters have been filtered out).

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Extra Heavy Hakkaku Furibo (Octagonal Shape) - Benigashi: ¥33,300


Made to Order | Production: ~ | No Exchanges/Refunds
Order today and we will ship before
In stock: ships within 2 working days
Order today and we will ship before
Availability : around (Shipping date estimation)
As we are not able to guarantee the next availability for this product, orders are temporarily suspended. We invite you to come back check the availability around
This product is out of stock and discontinued. It cannot be ordered any longer.
Sold out
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