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Iaidogi Jacket

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About Our Iaidogi - Jacket

These Iaido Jackets are especially designed for the practice of Iaido and are 100% made ​​in Japan (learn more about the workshops on our Artisans Presentation Page).

We offer four models, the model "Waraku", 100% cotton, and the Tetron model, both available in black and white. The Waraku model is made of a fabric that is similar to that of our popular light-weight Aikidogi KS200. The Tetron model however, is made from a polyester/rayon composite, close to the fabric used for the Tetron Hakama, but smoother on the surface to guarantee great comfort. You can refer to the "How to Choose your Kendogi/Iaidogi" page to help you make your choice.

If you wish to custom your Jacket to adjust the fit, you can choose from various alterations we offer: adding a chest cord or sewing a Velcro (magic tape) fastening on the lower and/or upper part of the jacket's collar. All Iaidogi can be embroidered as well.

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