• New Year Special Discount
    10% OFF on all Dogi

    New Year Special Discount
  • The Japanese Tradition
    100% Made in Japan, fabric & sewing

    The Japanese Tradition
  • The Japanese Tradition
    Bringing to you the last artisans of Japan

    The Japanese Tradition
  • Engraving & Embroidery Workshops
    High-end free transcriptions & super fast service

    Engraving & Embroidery Workshops
  • A Company Run by Practitioners
    A strong ethic at your service

    A Company Run by Practitioners
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  • State of emergency declared for Tokyo area | Change of working hour to 10am ~ 4.30pm. Suspension of all customer visits to our office. At least until February 7th.
    No changes in our shipping capacities, we deliver as usual!
  • New Year Special Discount & Annual Inventory | 10% OFF on all Dogi (until February 2nd, 4 pm JPT) - Please note that we will be closed on Jan 28th (Thu) and 29th (Fri) for our annual inventory (taken into account in the shipping date announced on the website).

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