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O'Bon & Summer Holidays
For "O'Bon Period", Seido will be closed from August 12th and will resume operations on August 16th.. The office will be closed and there will be no order processing or shipping during this time but we'll keep answering your emails from home!
12th IAF Aikido Congress - Ordering process
We have released a page dedicated to the event. Orders are not open yet, but you can still have a look to the preliminary information on the 12th IAF Aikido Congress Ordering Process page.


Seido's aikidogi range consists of eight models, starting with our ultra light cotton/polyester and ending with our special double layer Bio treatment Jacket. In-between these, all practitioners, from beginners to the most advanced, can chose from an extensive single- or double-layered standard range. All models are available as either jacket or pants only, or as jacket and pants sets. All our models have been officially approved by the Aikikai foundation and can be fitted with the Aikikai logo.

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Aikidogi Seido


Our extensive hakama range includes both traditional cotton and synthetic models, all especially conceived by Seido for the practice of Aikido. Our hakama are fully handmade in Japan (fabric and cut) at a workshop that was established over a hundred years ago. All models have been inspected and approved by the Aikikai Hombu Dojo and can be fitted with the official Aikikai logo.

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Hakama Seido

Obi (Belt)

All our obi are fully made in Japan and can be ordered to measure. Our range consists of two white belts, one colored belt, and five black belts models. A large range of fabrics, from shiny Japanese silk to tough high end cotton will ensure that every practitioner will find the one that is right for them. All our belts have received the Aikikai certification and can be fitted with the official Aikikai logo.

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Belt Seido

Bokken & Jo

Seido's Bokken, Jo, and Tanto are all handcrafted in Japan by the 4 remaining traditional workshops, Horinouchi, Nidome, Aramaki & Matsuzaki. Seido is the only company in the world (including Japan) working with these 4 workshops simultaneously. Our weapons were specially selected to match the needs of all practitioners and our range consists of traditional bokken, special (koryu) bokken, and various types of Jo. All our weapons are available in several wood species, in either varnished or oiled finish.

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Bokken Seido
  • Made by Aikidoists, for Aikidoists

    Our staff is composed of Aikido practicioners practicing in dojos accross Japan. This allows us to get daily feedback on the mat and therefore, to have a total confidence in the quality and relevance of our products, as well as in the very high level of our customers service. We consider all our clients as fellow practiconers.

  • Embroidery / Engraving

    SeidoShop has its own high quality "Barudan" embroidery machine made in Japan and controlled by computer. It is especially designed to embroider on all kind of material, from the most delicate silks to the thickest belts. Engravings are also realized in our facilities, within a week.

  • Approval from the Aikikai foundation

    All Seido hakama, dogi and obi (belts) have passed the Aikikai standards tests and therefore, can be fitted with the Aikikai logo (optional). The Aikikai foundation approval is a guaranty that our products comply with the quality standards set by Hombu Dojo Shihan and are perfectly suited for the practice of Aikido.

Christian Tissier Support Seido

Christian Tissier (8th Dan shihan, French aikido federation technical leader)

I chose Seido for the quality and great value of their equipment. I particularly appreciate to be able to discuss directly the most minute technical details with their international team of Aikidoists.

Dany Leclerre Support Seido

Dany Leclerre (7th Dan shihan, Belgium aikido federation technical leader)

I had for years been the customer of other brands but I decided to switch over to Seido because of their quality and excellent value. I am impressed by Seido's transparency regarding the origin of their products and the pleasure of dealing with a competent team of Aikidoka comforts me in my choice.

Okamoto Yoko Supports Seido

Okamoto Yoko Shihan (6th Dan Aikikai, teacher at Aikido Kyoto)

I have chosen Seido's Hakama for the great quality and reasonable price. The slightly longer front belts, the flexibility for ordering well adapted custom made gear, and the very fast shipping are all the reasons I am thankful for the consistent quality of service.

Guillaume Erard Supports Seido

Guillaume Erard (4th Dan Aikikai, 2nd Dan Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu Takumakai, Author)

My daily Budo practice in Japan and my frequent trips around the world put my uniforms through the harshest possible conditions. Fortunately, I can count on Seido to understand my most stringent requirements and to provide me with the highest quality in japanese equipment.

Léo Tamaki Supports Seido

Léo Tamaki, 4th Dan, author and event organizer

Seido simply offers the best service and the best cost performance ratio. It is no surprise that Aikidoists, like Christian Tissier, André Cognard or my brother (Issei Tamaki) are trusting in Seido for their equipment. Seido is bringing the best of Japanese equipment to all practioners at a fair price.

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