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  • 12th International Aikido Congress | SeidoShop will hold a booth at the event on Tuesday 27th and Sunday 2nd. To prepare the congress and process all orders registered on site, SeidoShop will be closed on September 26 and 27th then on Monday 3rd. Customer support over the phone will not be available during these days and your email inquiries might be answered with a little delay. Our website still accept orders 24/7.

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  • Christian Tissier Supports Seido

    I chose Seido for the quality and great value of their equipment and to support the great ambition of an Aikido equipment company run by foreigners in Japan. I particularly appreciate to be able to discuss directly the most minute technical details with their international team of Aikidoists.

  • I had for years been the customer of other brands but I decided to switch over to Seido because of the excellent quality they offer. I am impressed by Seido's transparency regarding the origin of their products and the pleasure of dealing with a competent team of Aikidoka comforts me in my choice.

  • Okamoto Yoko Supports Seido

    I have chosen Seido's Hakama for its great quality and reasonable price. The slightly longer front belts, the flexibility when ordering a well adapted custom made gear, and the very fast shipping - the overall quality of service makes Seido stand out, and therefore is my choice.

  • Guillaume Erard Supports Seido

    My daily Budo practice in Japan and my frequent trips around the world put my uniforms through the harshest possible conditions. Fortunately, I can count on Seido to understand my most stringent requirements and to provide me with the highest quality in japanese equipment.

  • Léo Tamaki Supports Seido

    Seido simply offers the best service and the best cost performance ratio. It is no surprise that Aikidoists, like Christian Tissier, André Cognard or my brother (Issei Tamaki) are trusting in Seido for their equipment. Seido is bringing the best of Japanese equipment to all practioners at a fair price.

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