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Minosaka Iaito - Instock

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Minosaka Series - In Stock Iaito

Minosaka is a small workshop located in the Gifu prefecture, the birthplace of the Katana (Shinken). Despite its small size, Minosaka is one of the most important Iaito workshops in Japan. Our team has been offering Minosaka Iaito for several years and not only we, but also our customers, think that this is the best quality available in Japan. All fittings are fully handmade in Japan by craftsmen also producing fittings for real Shinken (learn more about Minosaka and Iaito manufacture on our blog).

We offer 3 different models, 2 standard weight Jidai Koshirae and Higo Koshirae, and a heavy one, the Hon Koshirae. All these models are usually in stock for immediate shipping and are restocked within 7 to 10 days in case of shortage. As they are "ready made" products, they are not customized.

All our Iaito blades are made of high quality bubble-free aluminium/zinc alloy, alike all made in Japan Iaito. The blade cannot be sharpened. You will find many maintenance accessories and additional Sageo on the "Weapon Accessories" page.

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