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  • Japanese Wooden Weapons Craftsmanship, the Beginning of the End | In addition to the structural crisis affecting the industry, in 2019, the closure of one of the largest Japanese workshops, Horinouchi, then, in 2020, the covid crisis have for consequences a drastic increase in prices and production times, and mid-term, a probable disappearance of the manufacture of wooden weapons in Japan. To learn more, you can read our article detailing the situation and the measures taken to help this industry.

Others Weapons

Average rating: 4.8/5 - 43 customer reviews

Other Weapons : Shinai, Sai, Pistol etc.

In addition to Jo and Bokken, SeidoShop also offers various wooden weapons and ancient Koryu weapons such as Jutte, Kabutowari and Kama. All our weapons are 100% made in Japan in traditional workshops and production time can go up to 5 weeks for some items.

If you wish to engrave a weapon for which there is no engraving service available on the product page, please feel free to contact us for quotation.

All products displayed with the green tree icon fall under our forest preservation program. A flat amount is donated to the NGO MoreTrees for each piece ordered.

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  • Classic KuSakura Shinai

    ¥6,000 ~ ¥8,000

    Made in Japan
    Classic type Shinai - Assembled
    Size 36 to 39 available
    SSP (Shinai Safety Promotion) label
    Shipping: ~10 working days

    5/5 - 15 customer reviews
  • Tanbo Shinai


    Made in Japan
    Bamboo lath covered with cloth
    Length: 60 cm | Weight: ~300 g
    For self defense practice.
    Made to order: ~10 working days

    No reviews yet
  • Chrome Sai

    ¥8,700 ~ ¥16,100

    Made in Japan
    Chromed hard steel, cotton cord wrapping
    Length: 50 cm | Weight: ~680 g
    Sold by unit or by pair
    In stock: ships within 2 working days

    4.6/5 - 27 customer reviews
  • Kabutowari


    Made in Japan
    Hard aluminium/zinc alloy, cotton cord wrapping
    Length: 47 cm | Weight: ~670 g
    In stock: ships within 2 working days

    5/5 - 1 customer review
  • Kusarigama | Ancient Koryu Weapon


    Made in Japan
    Hard steel, cotton cord
    Length: 44 cm | Weight: ~900 g
    Chain length: 260 cm
    Ancient koryu weapon with sharped cutting edge.
    Made to order: ~10 working days

    No reviews yet
  • Red Oak Kusarigama | Ancient Koryu Weapon


    Made in Japan
    Red oak and chrome plated brass
    Length: 49 cm
    Weight: ~560 g
    Made to order: ~2 working days

    No reviews yet
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