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Custom-made Minosaka Iaito

Average rating: 4.9/5 - 16 customer reviews

Minosaka is a small workshop located in the Gifu prefecture, the birthplace of the Katana (Shinken). Despite its small size, Minosaka is one of the most important Iaito workshops in Japan. Our team has been proposing Minosaka Iaito for several years and our customers reckon that this is the best quality available in Japan. All fittings are fully handmade in Japan by craftsmen also producing fittings for real Shinken (learn more about Minosaka and Iaito manufacture on our blog).

Please find herein our selection of highly customizable models. Tsuba, Menuki, Tsukaito, and Hamon selections can yield thousands of possible permutations for a totally custom Iaito. We offer two series, "classic" and "deluxe". The classic series has basic options, including cotton Tsukaito/Sageo, copper Habaki, as well as classic and superior Seppa. The deluxe models are proposed with silk tsukaito/sageo, gold- or silver-plated Habaki and Seppa, and various other options.
Unlike other Minosaka retailer, Seido does not comprise on customization quality and all pieces and accessories used are the best quality on the market.

All our Iaito blades are made of high quality bubble-free aluminium/zinc alloy, like all Iaito made in Japan. The blade cannot be sharpened. The processing time is three to four weeks depending on the options chosen. For models in stock, see "In Stock Iaito" page. You will find many maintenance accessories and additional Sageo on the "Weapon Accessories" page and you will also find a spare saya product if you need a spare with your Iaito or a replacement.

Reportage at the Minosaka Workshop

Keiko Tetron Aikido Hakama (Training) Youtube Presentation
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