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The Japanese Budo Association defines the philosophy of Budo as follows:

Budō, the martial ways of Japan, have their origins in the traditions of bushidō– the way of the warrior. Practitioners study the skills while striving to unify mind, technique and body; develop his or her character; enhance their sense of morality; and to cultivate a respectful and courteous demeanour. Practised steadfastly, these admirable traits become intrinsic to the character of the practitioner. The Budō arts serve as a path to self-perfection. This elevation of the human spirit will contribute to social prosperity and harmony, and ultimately, benefit the people of the world.

This is with those values in mind that, we, members of Seido, developed over time a strong ethic that goes beyond self-development. Most of us are foreigners and resident in Japan, and as human beings, uprooted from our countries of origin, we have developed a sense of universality - considering ourselves citizens of the World.
Our personal stories and experiences, constructed through the practice of Budo, lead us to develop a very strong sense of respect for all human beings, regardless of origins, races, religions, political orientation or personal choices.

We also believe that our status of human beings and Budoka defines us far more profoundly than our work status. Being Budoka prevails on being businessmen, and Seido is the emanation of who we are. This is why, in 2018, we have decided to run charity events on a regular basis.

How does our charity events work?

We do not want to force our views to our fellow practitioners (and customers), so our charity events will run only for 24 to 48 hours once a month, after one monthly discount and before the next one. If you do not wish to contribute, you can simply wait a day or two before placing your order.

Monthly charity events conditions

  • 10% of all sales are donated to selected charities (see next paragraph for the list).
  • We do not offer any kind of discount during our charity events. This includes bulk orders discounts.
  • Orders that are cancelled before shipping will be fully refunded and the charity donation will be cancelled for this order.
  • Donations are final. Donated amounts are non refundable. Therefore, orders placed during the event that are only partially cancelled or returned for exchange or refund will see the donated amount deducted from their refund.
  • Donations are made to charities every 3 months, or once a total of 100,000 YEN has been reached. Donation receipts provided by charities are available on request from our customers.


Here are the charities we have selected so far. Should you have any other ideas, feel free to offer recommendations through our contact form. The only conditions is an official registration as charity in Japan. Charities are selected via a democratic vote among our staff.

  1. Amnesty International
    Our support to Amnesty is motivated by two main reasons. Japan still has a fairly important margin of improvement when it comes to human rights, and Amnesty is a very small organization in Japan that we believe needs support.
  2. Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders)
    As you know, as MSF, part of our staff is French, so we have a good understanding of this organization. Seido's founder’s family also worked with MSF in the past, and our founder, Jordy, has deep respect for Doctors who chose to risk their life in high-risks zones in order to save lives.
    Because children are the future of our world, and because not a single child in the world should suffer from the consequences of stupid adults choices.

Of course, this is not because we have selected those organisations that we back them 100%. We do not agree with everything, and within our staff, we all have our own opinions on what they do, opinions that may differ depending on the topic at hand. However, we all agree on the fact that all those organizations work to make the world a better place, and are therefore essential for the sake of the human race.

Child Labour Amnesty International


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