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Iaido & Kendo Hakama

About Our Iaido & Kendo Hakama

Specially designed for the practice of Kendo/Iaido, we currently offer only one model for Kendo/Iaido. 100% made in Japan by a small workshop in Nara (learn more about the workshops on our Artisans Presentation Page). This model is designed with hard training in mind, for maximum comfort and durability.

The sizing is slightly different from the Aikido Hakama, but the overall advice on how to choose a Hakama also applies to Iaido/Kendo Hakama, so do not hesitate to check out the "How to Choose Your Hakama" for more details.

  • Keiko Tetron Iaido/Kendo Hakama (Training)
    • Keiko Tetron Iaido/Kendo Hakama (Training)
    • Keiko Tetron Iaido/Kendo Hakama (Training)
    • Keiko Tetron Iaido/Kendo Hakama (Training)

    Keiko Tetron Iaido/Kendo Hakama (Training)

    ¥13,500 ~ ¥17,000

    Fabric: Tetron (65% polyester / 35% rayon)
    Available colors: Black | Navy | White
    Hard Koshiita, straps with 2 lines of stitching
    Reinforced sewings. Recommended for daily/heavy practice
    In stock: shipped within 2 business days
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