Superior Kotobuki Bokken - By Master Aramaki

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  • Superior Kotobuki Bokken - By Master Aramaki

    Made in Japan (Kyushu) - Aramaki Workshop
    Chevroned Spine | Rounded Butt | Long Special Kissaki | Kotobuki Finish
    Each model is unique - and you choose it directly from its pictures!

    This Kotobuki Bokken is of standard length and thickness and is similar in use to the standard and deluxe models. Suitable for Aikido practice as well as Kendo Kata, and any other Budo using a standard or deluxe model.
    Crafted by Master Aramaki, this model is made from carefully selected wood of the highest quality. It is extensively oil polished - first at the workshop, and further in an oil polish/sanding process that lasts for 7 days at our facilities to minimize the chance of warping.
    That kind of Bokken is unique on the market, and so far, exclusive to Seido. We developed it with Master Aramaki upon a meeting at the end of August 2017, one month later we had it available online, just a few days before we published an interview with him, the first-ever interview made with a Japanese Bokken craftsman.

    "Kotobuki" in Japanese means "long life", an expression often used for festive occasions. Not surprisingly, that master Aramaki named this kind of exquisite shape and finish he uses on his Hon Biwa and Hon Kokutan Bokken "Kotobuki", because those Bokken are mainly purchased as presents.
    Compared to the deluxe Bokken model, and in addition to the elaborate finish, the Kissaki is longer and both sides of the blade are flattened instead of rounded.

    Buna, or Fagus Crenata, is a very popular wood in Japan for its rather excellent weight/resistance ratio. Not as strong as white or red oak, it is much stronger than Isu no Ki or Sunuke wood and is an excellent compromise for practitioners looking for a lightweight Bokken that can sustain rather heavy chocs. Hon Akagashi, or "true red oak" is a wood that was extensively used in the past, which has about the same mechanical qualities as white oak, but has become quite rare in the past decade. Available in very small quantities at the Aramaki workshop, this Kotobuki Bokken is the only weapon we offer with Hon Akagashi as a standard product on SeidoShop.

    Each model is selected based on its unique specifications and pictures. Please check the product pictures to choose your model.
    This product exists in 2 versions, Tsubanashi (without a tsuba line) and Classic (with a tsuba line).
    The price of each model is set based on 3 characteristics: wood grain, wood artifacts (tiny nodes), and weight.
    Offer limited to half a dozen pieces a month. First come first served, no reservation.

    • Wood species: White Oak, Red Oak (Hon Akagashi), Buna
    • Style: Deluxe Bokken shape or Tsubanashi shape.
    • Finish: Non-varnished (camellia oil polish).
    • Manufacturing workshop: Aramaki

    Depending on the season, the Bokuto's weight may vary by 5~10%.

    Unvarnished weapons are more ecologically-friendly, but they require regular (monthly) maintenance with oil (camellia or wood maintenance oil) and they can only be made from the finest, Japanese quality woods. Given the need for the maintenance of these weapons, our stocks are limited.


    Superior Kotobuki Bokken Specifications
    Weight See product options
    Full length 101.5 cm
    Blade length 75.5 cm
    Tsuka length 26 cm
    Tsuka diameter 37 x 26 mm
    Mine Kenmine (chevroned spine)
    Tsuka shape Hanmaru (rounded butt)
    Kissaki Extra-long
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 77 reviews
    Susumu (Switzerland)

    This Bokutō is worth every Yen. It is beautifully crafted. The wood finish is very extraordinary, which makes the Bokutō extremely smooth ans special. At first I even thought it was too slippery, but it's manageable. I won't use it for contact exercises or Kumite anyway, as it's too nice for that. I just wanted to own a Bokutō from Master Aramaki, and im realy proud that i got one. Seido has also created a certificate of authenticity, which I find a very cool detail.

    Stephane (Aikido Mourenx)
    Bokken Kotobuki

    Tout a déjà été dit sur la qualité du travail de Maître ARAMAKI et du service et je ne peux que confirmer l'excellence du travail et la qualité du service de SEIDO SHOP. Bien évidemment je recommande.

    colton (united states)
    perfect! thank you!

    received the kotobuki since the deluxe bokken was out due to shortages and could not be happier. it is very beautiful. thank you!


    Je viens de recevoir ce superbe bokken. excellente qualité et magnifique travail de Maître ARAMAKI. Service de SEIDO SHOP au top. Livraison au top comme à chaque fois.

    Anton (Germany)
    Everything Perfect

    The shipment to germany went off quickly and uncomplicated. I originally ordered a Deluxe Bokken but was apparently upgraded to this model due to stock shortages. I honestly almost feel bad that they went to so much trouble and took a loss(?). I am not an expert on woodworking, but even I can tell that the craftsmanship is incomparable to my jo-staff, which already is a solid quality. I will be proud to use this bokken in my aikido training for years to come.

    Téléprix (Paris 19)
    Bokken Aramaki

    Enfin un bokken et non une « enclume » comme j’ai eu jusqu’ici. Un bon équilibre, pas trop lourd et un toucher extrêmement agréable. Pratiquer avec ce bokken aramaki est un réel plaisir. Livraison au top comme d’habitude.👍

    Billy (Singapore)

    Beautifully balanced, with an interesting forward momentum in its handling, this bokuto wants to cut. I love how this bokuto feels so alive in my hands.

    Only minor gripe was how the Aramaki stamp at the tsuba was not properly stamped. But I'd take balance over a minor visual flaw anyday.

    Piotr (Poland)
    Aramaki - White oak classic bokken

    Perfectly made bokken, well balanced. The best I've had. A completely different story than others. I recommend it, no worries, quality, quality and more quality. Thank you Seido!

    はし (剣道)


    NYStateDave (United States)

    I am amazed. My new bokken is stunning. The craftsmanship is readily apparent. The wood is beautiful and the finish is flawless. It's almost too beautiful to use!

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    When importing Japanese reviews, the impossibility to automatically determine the presence of a familly name forced us to label all Japanese reviews as 'anonymous' (Familly names in roman characters have been filtered out).

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Superior Kotobuki Bokken - By Master Aramaki: ¥17,000


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Order today and we will ship before
In stock: ships within 2 working days
Order today and we will ship before
Availability : around (Shipping date estimation)
As we are not able to guarantee the next availability for this product, orders are temporarily suspended. We invite you to come back check the availability around
This product is out of stock and discontinued. It cannot be ordered any longer.
Sold out
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