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  • Japanese Wooden Weapons Craftsmanship, the Beginning of the End | In addition to the structural crisis affecting the industry, in 2019, the closure of one of the largest Japanese workshops, Horinouchi, then, in 2020, the covid crisis have for consequences a drastic increase in prices and production times, and mid-term, a probable disappearance of the manufacture of wooden weapons in Japan. To learn more, you can read our article detailing the situation and the measures taken to help this industry.

Katanakake (Sword Stand)

Average rating: 5/5 - 10 customer reviews

About our Sword Stands (Katanakake) selection

Our Katanakake are made ​​in Japan. Most horizontal models can be made with 1, 2, or 3 levels. Please note that made to order Katanakake are made within 3 weeks (delivery in 1 month).

Buna and Sunuke Katanakake are made in the same workshop as our wooden weapons and Keyaki models are made by an artisan in Gifu (the cradle of Japanese Iaitos) by an artisan who works closely with Minosaka, the Iaito workshop.

Due to wood supply difficulties, Sunuke Katanakake orders are temporarily suspended. We do not have any visibility for future availability at the moment.

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  • Yarikake Keyaki Mokuji Style

    ¥20,700 ~ ¥26,500

    Keyaki (Japanese Elm), Mokuji (natural) finish
    Available in 2, or 3.
    For Yari (spears), Bokken, Iaito and Shinken
    Made to order: ~4 weeks

    No reviews yet
  • Horizontal Tokusei Keyaki Tantokake


    Keyaki (Japanese Elm)
    "Honji Shiage" finish
    Available in 1 level only.
    For Tanto or short Wakizashi
    Made to order: ~3 weeks

    5/5 - 3 customer reviews
  • Horizontal Tokusei Keyaki Katanakake


    Keyaki (Japanese Elm)
    "Honji Shiage" finish
    Available in 2 levels only.
    For Bokken or Iaito
    Made to order: ~3 weeks

    5/5 - 7 customer reviews
  • Horizontal Jidai Shiage Keyaki Katanakake


    Keyaki (Japanese Elm)
    "Jidai shiage" finish
    Available in 2 levels only.
    For Bokken, Iaito and Shinken
    Made to order: ~3 weeks

    No reviews yet
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