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  • Japanese Wooden Weapons Craftsmanship, the Beginning of the End | After the closing of the Horinouchi workshop who held about 40% of the production in, 2019, the production capacity dropped and the situation quickly became critical.
    Where are we today? Well, it's not looking good, not at all.

Iai Tanto

Average rating: 5.0/5 - 25 customer reviews

About our Iai Tanto collection

Unlike Iaito, Tanto are produced in much smaller quantities which doesn't allow for standardization. Each piece is assembled by hand.
The Shirasaya model is designed to have the lowest cost possible for a high end made in Japan product.

Similar to all our Iaito, Tanto blades are made of high-quality bubble-free aluminum/zinc alloy and therefore, the blade cannot be sharpened.

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  • Tanto Shirasaya 6 Sun


    Made in Japan | Minosaka Workshop
    Blade: Zinc/Aluminium reinforced alloy
    Saya: Magnolia wood
    Length: 29 cm | Weight: ~200 g
    For demonstration
    In stock: ships within 2 working days

    5 customer reviews
  • Tanto Iaito Minosaka Higo Koshirae - Custom Made


    Price may increase depending on customizations

    Made in Japan
    Blade Length: 32.5 cm | Tsuba length: 12.5 cm
    Standard weight
    Koshirae Style (Fuchi/Kashira): Higo (arabesque patterns with gold inlay)
    Most custom options available
    Made to order: ~8 weeks

    No reviews yet
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