Iaito Minosaka Musashi Koshirae Deluxe

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Product Information & Size Chart

  • Iaito Minosaka - Musashi Koshirae Deluxe

    High-end Iaito, fully made-to-order in Japan

    The Musashi Koshirae Iaito is a very simple Iaito model, alike the sword of Miyamoto Musashi. According to one of the originals (Musashi possessed several swords), this model is emphasizes utility and efficiency. The Tsuba "Shichiho" in wrought iron is exclusively available for this model (the Tsuba "Musashi" available as option was the one used by Miyamoto Musashi).

    The deluxe Musashi Koshirae is fitted with a Japanese silk Tsukaito and Sageo, and with gold- or silver-plated Habaki and Seppa. Silk offers a better durability compared to cotton and it allows to keep the iaito for many years before having to refurbish the Tsukaito.

    The Kanagu can be customized and the Saya comes with two additional (optional) models, the "Super Deluxe" Fuji Kuroro and the Same Kuroro. We do recommend to stick with the original mount of this Musashi Katana reproduction, shown on the pictures, featuring: a "Tsukushi" Menuki, a Shonai style Habaki, a Notare Hamon, a Shippo (or a Musashi) Tsuba, black Sageo and Tsukaito and Chaishime Saya.

    This Iaito is handmade in Japan at the "Minosaka" forge using 100% Japanese materials. All accessories, such as Tsuba, Menuki, Saya, etc. are also produced in Japan at traditional workshops specialized in the manufacturing of accessories for Shinken (real Katana). High attention has been paid to details during the manufacturing of this high-end model.

    • Blade length : 2.20 to 2.55 shaku (66.6 to 77.3 cm)
      (2.55 shaku is the technical maximum for this type of blade.)
    • Hamon : 4 standard types and 9 special hamon (free of charge)
      > Each type is made in several variations to prevent identical models.
    • Habaki : Muji, Shonai or Yujo. Gold- or silver-plated.
    • Seppa : Gold- or silver-plated.
    • Tsuba : Copper of forged steel - 18 models to choose form.
      > There are 2 Tsuba lineups : "Classic" and "Deluxe" (for the latter, additional fees are charged).
    • Menuki : Copper - 14 models to choose form.
    • Tsuka Length : 8 to 10 sun (22.7 to 30.2 cm)
      > The extension of the Tsuka depends particularly on the size of your hands and the desired balance according to the length of the blade. This option involves additional charges.
    • Tsukasame : Ray skin - White or black
    • Tsuka (handle) Braiding : Hinerimaki (standard)
    • Tsukaito : Japanese Silk -
    • Sageo : Japanese Silk -
    • Saya Coating: Magnolia wood. Classic or deluxe coating - 15 finishes to choose from
      > 3 lines of coating available: "Classics", "Deluxe" and "Super Deluxe", subject to extra charges.
    Technical Specifications
    Weight for 2.45 Shaku ~820 g without Saya | ~1,100 g with Saya
    Motohaba 32 mm
    Sakihaba 20 mm
    Motokasane 6 mm
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Iaito Minosaka Musashi Koshirae Deluxe: ¥71,500
Made to Order | Production: ~ | No Exchanges/Refunds
Order today and we will ship before
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