Iaito Minosaka Junior (short)

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Product Information & Size Chart

  • Iaito Minosaka - Junior (2.00 ~ 2.20 Shaku)

    Made in Japan (Kyushu)

    Hamon : Suguha

    Habaki : Muji (copper) | Seppa : Copper

    Tsuba : Tsurumaru (swan) | Menuki : Tombo (firefly) | Fuchi/Kashira : Ryu (dragon)

    Tsukaito & Sageo : Synthetic fiber, black

    Saya : Magniolia wood - Kuroishime lacquer finish

    Weight (2.20 shaku) : ~600 g without Saya / ~840 g with Saya

    The "Junior" Iaito is a basic model that is particularly adapted for children or for one-handed practice. It has a reduced length (2.00 to 2.20 shaku) and short Tsuka (22 cm) and it is equipped with a Tsuru (swan) tsuba, a Ryu (dragon) fuchi/kashira, and a Tombo (firefly) Menuki. It is well balanced on the tsuba with a simple finish, it cannot be customized.

    The blade is made of reinforced high quality, bubble-free, zinc/aluminum alloy (duralumin). Note: Alloy blades are blunt and cannot be sharpened.

    Just like the blade, all fitting parts are made in Japan, which results in a product 100% made in Japan.

    Size Table
    Your size (cm) Blade (shaku / cm) Weight (without Saya) (g)
    ~ 130 2.00  /  60.6 540
    ~ 135 2.05  /  62.1 555
    ~ 140 2.10  /  63.6 570
    ~ 145 2.15  /  65.1 585
    ~ 150 2.20  /  66.6 600
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Product & Services Summary

Iaito Minosaka Junior (short): ¥31,000
Made to Order | Production: ~ | No Exchanges/Refunds
Order today and we will ship before
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