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  • Christmas Special Offer

    For Christmas, in addition to our monthly Discounts, we offer presents with ALL orders!

    Why do we offer this book ?
    Kendo: Culture of the Sword is probably the best martial art studies book published in the past few years.
    As the cover says, it's not only about Kendo, but it's about the entire sword culture in Japan and, therefore, related to all martial arts derived from the arts of the sword.

    Kendo follows the development of Japanese swordsmanship from the aristocratic-aesthetic pretensions of medieval warriors in the Muromachi period, to the samurai elitism of the Edo regime, and then to the nostalgic patriotism of the Meiji state. Kendo was later influenced in the 1930s and 1940s by ultra nationalist militarists and ultimately by the postwar government, which sought a gentler form of nationalism to rekindle appreciation of traditional culture among Japan’s youth and to garner international prestige as an instrument of “soft power.” Today Kendo is becoming increasingly popular internationally. But although new organizations and clubs form around the world, cultural exclusiveness continues to play a role in Kendo’s ongoing evolution, as the sport remains closely linked to Japan’s sense of collective identity.

    We've followed Alex's research for a few years now, and he already published many interesting papers.
    As you know, Seido's staff also participates in some martial art related studies, together with Guillaume Erard. We've actually met with Alex a few months ago, and as we could expect it based on his publications, we've realized major similarities in our conclusions, despite the fact that his research is Kendo oriented and ours is Aikido oriented.

    Our customers not being Kendoka (for most of them), the chances they already have the book are very low. Nonetheless, we believe, as practitioners and researchers, that all martial artists thinking of themselves as Budoka should read this book, and that's why we're offering it for Christmas.
    It is also a great pleasure for us to help spreading Alex's work outside of the Kendo circles.

    We wish you all a wonderful Christmas (and Hanukkah of course).

    Please note that the presents granted for your order will be displayed in the cart but not in the confirmation email. No worries, it's on our packing slips and it will be in your package.

    Christmas Special Offer
  • December Sale

    15% off on all carry bags and accessories

    You're not sure of the size/waist/height of your relatives, but you want to offer them a nice made in Japan Aikido/Kobudo related Christmas present? We've got the solution: A great range of well designed carry bags for all weapons and trainings wear or accessories for on the mats, at the Dojo or at home.

    Here at Seido, all equipment is 100% made in Japan. All our accessories feature original designs, and some of them are especially created by our team for our fellow practitioners and friends. You can even order some customizations (embroideries) on items like towels etc., making those the best presents for Christmas.

    And yes, we can deliver fast, on time for Christmas for all orders of in stock products placed before the 19th (in most countries). Check out the other news about 'before Christmas delivery' for more details.

    This discount will end on January 3rd (Tue), 12PM Japan Time.

    December Sale
  • Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

    16% OFF on our 16 most popular products!

    Yes, 16% OFF! That's the biggest discount we ever offered on SeidoShop.
    2016 has been an incredible year for us, thanks to all our supportive customers and friends, so we've decided to make this special offer for the Black Friday.

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday are not very popular concepts in Japan, but we're taking advantage of it ourselves when ordering from abroad, so here we are!

    And yes again, all orders for discounted products will be delivered before Christmas!
    You can check out the related news about 'before Christmas delivery' for more details.

    This discount will end on November 29th (Tue), 12PM Japan Time

    Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
  • Schedule for Delivery Before Xmas

    Seido offers the fastest service in Japan, that's a fact. But we don't do magic either, so here is our schedule for December!

    Made to Order items (embroidered belts, made to order Dogi/Iaito etc.): Order before November 28th and you will be delivered before Christmas

    In stock products shipped via EMS/Packet: last chance to get items with mbroideries/engravings delivered before Christmas is December 9th

    In stock products shipped via FedEx or UPS: last chance to get items with embroideries/engravings delivered before Christmas is December 19th
    Yes, we're sure. We usually deliver in 4 days in Europe and 2 to 3 days in North America. Our entire team will be focused on preparing your orders, those shipped with FedEx are expedited on the 19th and those shipped with UPS on the 20th.

    • The 23rd is a national holiday in Japan, but we'll be at work, in case you need our assistance to get your order delivered the 23rd/24th.
    • We will be open on the 26th, but closed from the 27th to January 3rd, for our winter holidays. And of course, email support will be slower but maintained the whole time.

    Finally, please understand that our carriers don't employ magical reindeer, nor customs offices do. Hence, on time order delivery cannot be guaranteed 100% so please don't wait until the last minute to order!

    Schedule for Delivery Before Xmas
  • November Sale

    10% OFF on all Belts & all Classic Bokken

    Unlike in a certain popular show, we know that winter is here! It's cold now in Japan, but our office stays warm and animated by all your awesome orders (thanks!).
    Some of you might already think about Christmas presents and therefore, we've decided to offer a 10% discount on all our belts. So if you want an integrated high end embroidery - that takes 3 to 4 weeks to make - you can be delivered before Christmas.
    And for those who already have a belt or are more interested in weapons, we added a discount on all Classic Bokken!

    Stay warm on the mats !

    This discount will be valid until November 30th

  • October Sale

    10% OFF on all Aikidogi Sets & a selection of custom made Minosaka Iaito

    You're probably all back at the Dojo after summer vacation now, and you might have realized that you need a new Gi for your daily practice or one for seminars, and that's why we offer a 10% discount on all our Aikidogi Sets. 

    For those who just started Iai or are now ready to switch from a Bokken to a Iaito, we also offer a 10% discount on all high end Minosaka Iaito.

    We wish you the best on the mats !

    This discount will be valid until October 31st

  • New Season Sales

    New Season Special Sale
    10% OFF on a selection of 17 popular products

    Summer is over and although the weather is still warm, most of us are going back to the dojo for regular training very soon.

    We know that summer is a costly period and it might get tough to renew one's equipment right after getting back to work. That's why we've prepared this discount on 17 essential entry level products from all categories so you can get ready for practice on reasonable terms.

    Entry level at Seido still means high-end, 100% made in Japan equipment, so don't hesitate, if you're in need of new equipment - it's now or never!

    This discount will be valid until October 3rd

    New Season Sales
  • 12th International Aikido Congress

    12th International Aikido Congress - September 27th ~ October 2nd

    For the first time at an Aikido International Congress, thanks to Seido's efforts to bring this idea to life with the organizers, Aikido equipment specialists have the possibility to hold booth at the event. 

    We are unsure at the time who and when others will be on site, but we can officially announce that we will hold our booth the first day of the event (Tuesday 27th) and the last, (Sunday 2nd).

    Our entire catalogue will not be available for purchase and it will not be possible to embroider on site, but we will set up a booking system for custom products and embroidery to ensure that all goods will be virtually available (and with crazy fast embroidery/engraving service). We're looking forward to meet you there !

    To prepare the congress and process all orders registered on site, SeidoShop will be closed on September 26 and 27th then on Monday 3rd. Customer support over the phone will not be available during these days and your email inquiries might be answered with a little delay.
    But of course, our website is ready to take your order 24/7, as always.

    12th International Aikido Congress
  • 12th IAF Aikido Congress - Ordering process

    We have released a page dedicated to the event. Orders are now open so please have a look to the 12th IAF Aikido Congress Ordering Process page.

    We have already received numerous requests about ordering from us before the congress and getting delivered at the venue in Takasaki or at a hotel and we now, know how it will work, and everything is on the page linked above.

    12th IAF Aikido Congress - Ordering process
  • Redefining E-commerce Design

    We're thrilled to announce the new SeidoShop design !!

    As promised, we've deployed a major update on August 16th for

    This update isn't just a new design to satisfy the new global trends, it's far more than that. It's a redefinition of e-commerce for custom made products.

    We're a small team here, and we intend to keep it that way, but this shall not stop us in doing research and ameliorate user experience, as we always strive to improve the service quality. On this new website, you'll discover many features that only major e-commerce platforms with unlimited resources provide. How did we do it ? It's very simple, we worked tirelessly and we focused on your needs, not on our profit.

    Although - or rather because of this super advanced technology, we, of course, will encounter bugs and issues the first few weeks. We're working very hard, seven days a week, to make sure all problems are fixed asap. That said, your feedback is most welcome and will help us harmonize everything faster. Feel free to drop us a line at if you find something that should be checked. We'll offer a 10% discount code (and respond in a timely manner) for all bug reports we receive ! (This offer is limited to actual bugs that prevent something from working correctly, design issues on specific devices that are not obviously posing any major problem to the order flow aren't considered as bugs.)

    Almost everything has changed, from the homepage, to the customer account, and of course, the product pages/customization and shopping cart. We also have further updates coming very soon that will be implemented during the next few weeks to give you even more guidance in the ordering process

    We apologize in advance for all issues that might prevent you to place your order under the best possible conditions. Please forgive us and report the issues, we're 100% dedicated to create the most amazing ordering experience you ever had on a website and we're not afraid to compare ourselves with the most well know online shops. It's just a bit harder to achieve for us than them, but with your assistance, we'll show to the greatest what small companies can do!


    Thank you very much for your continuous support, we love you!

    Redefining E-commerce Design
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