Spare Saya for Minosaka Iaito

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  • Minosaka Iaito Spare Saya

    100% Made in Japan

    Length: 2.20 to 2.55 Shaku

    Available in: 15 different paintings/finishes

    The Saya for the Minosaka Iaito are manufactured by a "Sayashi", a specialist in the manufacturing of Saya. The Saya is, by far, the most expensive element on a Iaito. It is also an extremely important element since it has to guarantee the preservation of the blade, as well as the appearance of the weapon when it is sheathed.

    The Minosaka Iaito feature fixed blade lengths according to each model (standard and heavy), so it is possible to replace a broken Saya without having to send back your Iaito. You can also order a spare Saya when you order your Iaito (in this case, the ordered Saya will be adjusted to your Iaito.) We only need to know the length of your blade, as well as the model to make the Saya fit.

    • Blade style standard: Jidai koshirae, Higo koshirae, ...
    • Blade style heavy: Hon koshirae, Shinto Higo koshirae, ...

    Paintings such as Kuroro, Kuroshime and Chaishime are considered "standard" lacquers. The lacquers Hon Kuroshime and Hon Chaishime are top quality lacquers: The "Hon" lacquers have a much finer grain than their standard version and are therefore absolutely exquisite.

    We also offer the Saya models Toppei Koshirae and Shinto Higo Koshirae which are special models with Kojiri (piece on the bottom of the Saya, see product pictures for more details).
    The Shinto Higo model can only be ordered with a heavy (wide) blade because the Kojiri can only be adapted to this size of the Saya. On the other hand, the Toppei model can only be ordered with a standard blade.

    The pricing changes according to the desired lacquers, however, the better the lacquer, the better the quality of the Saya itself. The more expensive the ordered model, the more materials are of a higher quality resulting in a better overall finish.


    Although the dimensions of the blades are the same from one model to another, it may be necessary to adjust the Saya to your Habaki. This can be done either by removing material with a wood file or adding material with by gluing wooden pieces on the inside of the Saya (see product pictures).

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Spare Saya for Minosaka Iaito: ¥23,500


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Order today and we will ship before
In stock: ships within 2 working days
Order today and we will ship before
Availability : around (Shipping date estimation)
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