Iaito Minosaka Jidai Koshirae Classic

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  • Jidai Koshirae Classic Iaito

    High End Iaito fully order-made in Japan

    The Jidai Koshirae is an excellent iaito for beginners who have enough budget to acquire a weapon of higher quality that allows some customization. This is our most popular model with beginners.

    The Jidai Koshirae has a fixed Fuchi/Kashira made of copper and decorated with Sakura (cherry blossoms) patterns. We usually recommend "Sakura" Menuki with this model along with a Namako Sukashi Tsuba and a black cotton braiding so as to stay true to the simplicity of the Jidai period.

    In its "Classic" version, this Iaito is proposed with braided cotton. Two Deluxe Tsuba, the high-end Saya lacquers and the Tsuba length extension are paid options. Jidai Koshirae is also available in the "Deluxe" version (silk weaving and other additional options).

    This Iaito is handmade in Japan at the "Minosaka" workshop, using 100% Japanese materials. All accessories such as Tsuba, Meuki, Saya, etc. are manufactured in Japan by traditional workshops specialized in the manufacturing of accessories for Shinken (real Katana).

    • Blade length : 2.20 to 2.45 shaku (66.6 to 74.2 cm)
      (For blade longer than 2.45 shaku, please consider the deluxe model)
    • Hamon : 4 types to choose from.
      > Each type is derived in several variations to prevent identical models.
    • Habaki: Brass - Choose from Muji, Shonai or Yujo.
    • Seppa: Bronze (dark) or brass (gold).
    • Tsuba: Copper or forged steel - 18 models to choose from.
      > There are 2 lines of Tsuba: "Classic" and "Deluxe" (additional costs involved).
    • Menuki: Brass or Aluminium - 14 models to choose from.
    • Longueur de Tsuka : 8 to 10 sun  (22.7 to 30.2 cm).
      > The extension of the Tsuka depends especially on the hands size and the desired balance according to the length of the blade. This option needs additional charges.
    • Tsukasame: Ray skin - White or black.
    • Tressage: Hinerimaki (standard).
    • Tsukaito: Cotton - black, blue, tetsukon, brown, white or purple.
    • Sageo: Cotton - black, blue, tetsukon, brown, white or purple.
    • Saya lacquer: Magnolia wood. Classic or deluxe coating - 10 finishes to choose from.
      > 2 lines of coating available: "Classic" and "Deluxe", subject to extra charges.
    Technical Specifications
    Weight for 2.45 shaku ~820 g without Saya | ~1,100 g with Saya
    Motohaba 32 mm
    Sakihaba 20 mm
    Motokasane 6 mm
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