Deluxe Tagayasan Tanto (Senna Siamea)

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Product Information & Size Chart

  • Tagayasan Deluxe Tanto

    Made in Japan (Kyushu)

    Flat Spine | Rounded butt | Short Kissaki

    Tagayasan (Senna Siamea) has a weight close to Sunuke, but it is as dark brown and resistant as Shima Kokutan (Asian Ebony). Because Tagayasan wood is rigid and does not absorb shocks very well, we advise against using it for intense contact practice but recommend it for display, light partner work and of course, Suburi.

    Master Aramaki, always looking for new timber he can work, was offered Tagayasan wood by his supplier in 2017, a wood that was also favored by his father.
    Interviewing Master Aramaki, we were impressed by his fervor for different kinds of timber, always searching for the best. Watch our interview on YouTube, introducing Master Aramaki Yasuo if you want to get to know him and his work.
    If you wish to purchase any other model made from Tagayasan, contact us for a quotation.

    • Finish: oil polished
    • Manufacturing workshop: Aramaki

    All our high-end weapons are offered unvarnished (camellia oil polish finish). Note that unvarnished weapons are much more pleasant to the touch as well as usage.
    Unvarnished weapons are more ecologically-friendly, but they require regular (monthly) maintenance with oil (camellia or wood maintenance oil) and they can only be made from the finest woods. Given the need for maintenance of these weapons, our stocks are limited. Also, since the craftsmen must select the best wood possible to manufacture these weapons, the processing time is longer than for varnished weapons. If out of stock or made to order, the shipping time can take up to 6 weeks in case of shortage.

    Tagayasan Tanto Specifications
    Wood Tagayasan
    Weight ~140 g
    Full length 29 cm
    Blade length 19.5 cm
    Tsuka length 9.5 cm
    Tsuka diameter 35x24 mm
    Mine Hiramine (flat spine)
    Tsuka shape Hanmaru (rounded butt)
    Kissaki Shokissaki (short) (~2 cm)

    *Due to the hand-made manufacturing, color and weight may vary slightly from one weapon to another

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Deluxe Tagayasan Tanto (Senna Siamea): ¥8,000


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