Nishijin Weaving Iaito Bag

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  • Nishijin Weaving Traditional Iaito Bag

    Made in Japan

    Material: Synthetic silk and Cotton

    Length: 136 cm | Width : 16 cm | Weight: 180 g

    Available color: purple (classic) and blue (deluxe)

    This "Nishijin-ori" style bag satisfies the practitioners seeking a cover with a sublime traditional weaving. With its soft lining it suits your Iaito perfectly. With its refined pattern this model is the best you can find in the style of "Nishijin Ori". This high quality cover may contain 1 Iaito or 1 Shinken or a set of 3 pieces of Shinai/Bokken/Jo.
    Due to the delicate fabric it is not possible to embroider this cover.

    The classic model (purple) is 7,000 JPY, and the deluxe version is 9,800 JPY.

    About Nishijin weaving :
    A long time ago, the "Nishijin" district in Kyoto gathered numerous weavers, whose main activity consisted of manufacturing luxury cloths for the nobility. Over time, a special technique evolved with its own particularities concerning the weaving, the forms, the colours and fabrics.

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Nishijin Weaving Iaito Bag: ¥6,300
In stock: shipped within 2 business days
Order today and we will ship before
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