Superior Hon Biwa Bokken (Loquat)

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  • Deluxe Bokken 101.5 cm - Hon Biwa (Loquat)

    Made in Japan (Kyushu)

    Chevroned Spine | Rounded butt | Long Kissaki

    This "Hon Biwa" bokken is made from a single piece of Loquat. The term of Loquat (or Japanese Medlar) includes several subspecies, and the type of wood used for the production of this particular model is the one that has been used for hundreds of years in Japan for the manufacture of exceptional bokken. Wood is handpicked by Master Aramaki, 3rd generation Master from the Aramaki workshop. Although it is difficult for us to advise practitioners to use that bokken for full contact because of its price, it is the bokken that harbors the best safety characteristics in the world for "uchiai." Extremely durable, highly resilient (shock resistant), incredibly well balanced and very pleasant to the touch, this weapon has only qualities even though its relatively light weight eliminates it de facto from practice types such as suburi.
    Many legends exist about the Loquat, the most famous relates the story of a saber duel between two masters, one using a bokken made of oak, the other of Loquat. The fighter wielding the oak bokken refusing to admit defeat after taking a few hits that did not incapacitate him, he left the field convinced of his superiority. The next day, he woke up covered in bruises and could not get up. Indeed, the softness of Loquat tends to promote the penetration of forces on impact, hence causing internal damage more easily while harder bokken tend to hurt only on the surface.

    This model is offered in classic deluxe shape (presenting a line between tsuka and blade), or in tsubanashi shape (deletion of the line between tsuka and blade allowing a grip on a much larger portion of the bokken)

    • Wood species: Hon Biwa (true Japanese Loquat)
    • Style : Deluxe Bokken shape (Tokusei) or Tsubanashi shape.
    • Finish: Non varnished (camellia oil polish).
    • Manufacturing workshop: Aramaki
    • Signature of the craftman : on the left side of the tsuka when the weapons is held by the handle.

    All our high-end bokken are offered non varnished (camellia oil polish finish). Note that unvarnished weapons are much more pleasant to the touch as well as usage. Unvarnished weapons are more ecologically-friendly, but they requires regular (monthly) maintenance with oil (camellia or wood maintenance oil) and they can only be made from the finest, Japanese quality woods. Given the need for maintenance of these weapons, our stocks are limited. Also, since the craftsmen must select the best wood possible to manufacture these weapons, the processing time is longer than for varnished weapons. If out of stock, or made to order, the shipping time can take up to 6 weeks in case of shortage. 

    Deluxe Hon Biwa Bokken Specifications
    Weight 520 ~ 580 g
    Full length 101.5 cm
    Blade length 75.5 cm
    Tsuka length 26 cm
    Tsuka diameter 37 x 26 mm
    Mine Kenmine (chevroned spine)
    Tsuka shape Hanmaru (rounded butt)
    Kissaki Toku-daikissaki (extra-long) (~4 cm)

    * All prices include shipping (except South America and Africa).

    About counterfeit products :
    The "real" Biwa is known under the name of "Hon Biwa" even though Tsubaki (camellia) is now also sold under the name "Biwa". The Hon Biwa is currently used by only one workshop, Aramaki, and it is only manufactured by the master craftsman of that workshop. The Hon Biwa is very close in appearance as in technical specifications to Tsubaki (camellia). The Loquat of Japan is very expensive because the wood is very rare and subject to drastic cutting quotas. On the tsukagashira (pommel), you will find the mark of the workshop (a cross) and on the left side of the tsuka, master Aramaki's signature. "Hyuga no kuni, Miyakonojo Junin, Sandaime, Kazuhiro Saku", meaning "Made by Kazuhiro, third of the name, a resident of Miyakonojo, province of Hyuga." All classic Hon Biwa bokken harbor a very thorough finish and a high marking of the Kissaki. This finish is typically used to make the difference between "false" biwa (tsubaki) and Hon Biwa (Loquat).

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Superior Hon Biwa Bokken (Loquat): ¥105,000


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