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  • Seido's Special Lottery |

    Win exclusive prizes! (Until May 31st, 3 pm JPT)

  • We Stand With the People of Ukraine - We Stand For Peace |

    We are organizing a special charity program where the proceeds will go to the United Nations High Committee for Refugees (UNHCR), from March 29 to April 5. Read the news in details for more information.

  • Temporary suspension of our Free shipping Offer to North America & Oceania |

    We now charge a flat 1,000 YEN shipping fee for all orders to North America & Oceania, and for all packages under 1 kg for Europe. Read the news in details for more information.

  • Japanese Wooden Weapons Craftsmanship, the Beginning of the End | In addition to the structural crisis affecting the industry, in 2019, the closure of one of the largest Japanese workshops, Horinouchi, then, in 2020, the covid crisis have for consequences a drastic increase in prices and production times, and mid-term, a probable disappearance of the manufacture of wooden weapons in Japan. To learn more, you can read our article detailing the situation and the measures taken to help this industry.

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