Non-Integrated Embroidery - Opposite Side / Aikikai Tag (Position 2)


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    • Non integrated embroideries are visible on the opposite side of the belts and come over the belt stitchings.
    • If you have your name in position 1, we recommend to embroider the martial art name or the dojo name in position 2.
    • The letter size is about 3 cm / letter.
    • We recommend to keep the embroidery content relatively short to avoid the embroidery getting caught in the knot.
    • Non-integrated embroideries are charged per word. Note that Initials count as 1 word. As a result, "Initial + Name" is 2 words. Initials not paid for will be ignored.
    • Initials are never written in Japanese. They always appear in Romaji (alphabet).
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