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  • For a real steel blade, clay is applied on the blade before the cooling process, and the difference in hardness between the edge and the rest of the blade results in this line called "Hamon". It defines the transition between the region of harder martensitic steel at the blade's edge and the softer pearlitic steel at the center and back of the sword. This difference in hardness is the goal of the whole process; the appearance is purely a side effect but the Hamon became a very important artistic feature that defines the level of mastery of the swordsmith. As Iaito are being made from an alloy, the Hamon is printed by depolishing the blade using specific patterns. Minosaka's craftsmen do their best to reproduce the most famous Hamon.

    The Suguha, Midare, Notare and Gunome Hamon are standardized Hamon. They are a kind of combination between the most common types of existing Hamon. All other models are fairly faithful reproductions of Hamon existing on ancient blades. Hamon are named either by the name of the Samurai who possessed the sword (for famous swords) or by the name of the Swordsmiths (for the most famous swordsmith). Their price depends on the quantity of work needed to reproduce them.

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