Hakama Alteration - Koshiita height adjustment


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    • The Koshiita should sit on top of the belt. (Seido Hakama are fitted to be worn with a common Judo type belt.)
    • High Koshiita (Iaido style): The Koshiita is higher than the front strap, to be worn with a Kakuobi/large Iai type belt.
    • Low Koshiita: The base of the Koshiita is about 3 cm lower than the front strap (which is done by moving the front strap slightly up). This allows to fold the front belt into the "Judo type belt" without getting a crumpled Hakama when tied.
    • Adjusting the height of the Koshiita according to your belt/style of wearing, helps that the pleats fall nicely and flat.
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