Semi-Heavy Weight Polyester 'Cashmere Touch' Hakama

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Due to an unusually large number of orders that is pushing the capacity of our workshop at its maximum, orders for "Semi-Heavy Weight Polyester 'Cashmere Touch' Hakama" are suspended until January 26th.

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Thick "Cashmere Touch" Polyester Aikido Hakama

Made in Japan | Black, Navy or White

Material: 100% polyester

Shrinkage: 0%  |  Weight (size 26): 1.1 kg

Shape: Traditional Aikido cut (flexible koshiita, straps with 7 lines of stitching)

This model is made of 100%, relatively thick polyester with a shiny and smooth finish. The fabric is slightly stretchable to enhance freedom of movement. It is also the heaviest synthetic Hakama in the Seido range. It is our top model, especially suitable for demonstrations and it is endorsed by Christian Tissier.

Easy to fold and to maintain, this model may be hand washed and dried on a hanger (holding the folds using clothespins) without risk of losing the pleats or damaging the fabric. The color does not fade.

For maximum comfort, the strap length is adjusted according to the size of the hakama.

As all our Hakama, this model is fully made in Japan (fabric, cut and stitching).

Option (made to order): sewing of the inside pleats (+ 3,000 JPY)

Though Synthetic Hakama are quite easy to maintain, we propose to sew the inner pleats for those who want to make the folding as easy as possible. The pleats are sewn on the inside, which makes them completely invisible when worn. The result however is that the pleats are better kept, and the "puffed out" aspect the hakama will be reduced.

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Semi-Heavy Weight Polyester 'Cashmere Touch' Hakama: ¥20,800
Availability: Made to Order | Production: ~ | No Exchanges/Refunds
Order today and we will ship before:
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