Semi-Heavy Weight (#6000) Indigo (Aizome) Cotton Hakama

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#6000 Cotton Bushu Aizome Aikido Hakama - Semi-heavy Weight

Made in Japan | Indigo-dyed (Aizome)

Material: 100% cotton #6000

Shrinkage: ~2%  |  Weight (size 26): 1.3 kg

Shape: Traditional Aikido cut (flexible koshiita, 7 lines of stitches on straps)

The fabric used for this model comes from one of the largest traditional indigo dyers of Japan located in the region of Saitama, north of Tokyo. Despite the constraints associated with maintaining Aizome Hakama, these are still used by those many Japanese teachers who are very attached to tradition, including some at the Hombu Dojo.

#6000 corresponds to the yarn density, but a higher number does not signify an increase in quality. Indeed, a cotton #20000, for example, would be too rigid for the practice of martial arts. The #6000 is the minimum density possible to maintain good strength while providing a soft cloth. Traditional indigo dye has many advantages; it repels insects, promotes healing, and accelerates the drying of the fabric. These are the reasons why it has been used in the manufacturing of martial art equipments since the times of the samurai.

The Bushu process of dying is more recent however, dating back a hundred years. It consists in using traditional indigo to dye the cotton threads before weaving. This guarantees a better outfit and uniform dyeing. Our "Bushu" Indigo-dyed cotton Hakama are all designed according to this principle, which is the best of the best in terms of traditional Japanese dyeing.

This model is recommended to practitioners who have substantial experience in wearing Hakama, or those looking for a traditional and heavy garment but who are not afraid of the difficult maintenance of this type of fabric. Although Indigo rubs off very easily on the white fabric of your keikogi or that of your partner, it also washes off easily, even by hand washing.

For maximum comfort, the strap length is adjusted according to the size of the hakama. However, please note that the shrinkage will make each side shrink by about 5 cm, so please make sure you have enough length fit your waist/hips size..

As all our Hakama, this model is fully made in Japan (fabric, cut, and stitching).

Option - Sewing of the inner pleats (+ 4,000 JPY)

Cotton Hakama models are particularly difficult to maintain and fold, we therefore propose to sew the inner pleats. Although the "wrinkled" aspect of Aizome Hakama is a desirable feature for most practitioners who usually choose this model, you might opt for the option of sewing the pleats in order to preserve and identify them more easily during folding after class or during washing. The pleats are sewn on the inside, which makes them completely invisible when worn. The result however is that the pleats are better kept, and the "puffed out" aspect the hakama will be reduced.

Before first use:

To better set the dye, we recommend to soak your Hakama in salt water and/or vinegar overnight, and repeat this process at least twice. More information can be found on the "How to Take Care of your Hakama" page.

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Semi-Heavy Weight (#6000) Indigo (Aizome) Cotton Hakama: ¥23,500
Availability: Made to Order | Production: ~ | No Exchanges/Refunds
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