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  • Backpack Sashiko Bag

    Made in Japan
    Material: 100% Mikawa Cotton - Sashiko Weave
    Dimensions: Height 39 cm x Width 27.5 cm x Depth 12 cm.
    Weight: 520 g
    Colors: Black, Olive, Sashiko Check Pattern
    Embroidery Colors: 18 colors available.

    This cotton backpack is made in the same workshop as most of our Dogi, and with the same fabric as our single weave AS200 and AS250 models.
    Extremely resistant, it is 100% made in Japan from Japanese Mikawa cotton, one of the very last cotton productions in Japan. The Sashiko Check pattern is woven with both a black and a white thread, following the pattern of a "rice grain".

    Perfect for your daily life, this modern bag features one outside zipped pocket suited to fit all the items you need to grab quickly and there is also a small zipped pocket on the back of the bag.
    The inside pocket will help you to sort your small items like a passport, a wallet, books or any other thin article.
    The wide interior of the bagwill allow you to pack all your daily items such as your tablet, your camera, a bottle of water, and many more. Comfortable and robust, the two shoulder straps can be adjusted to your size and are firmly attached to the bag.

    This design and modern backpack is a must-have accessory that will become your everyday companion.

    To offer you the best quality, the Seido logo, the Aikido calligraphy, the "Ki" calligraphy, and all other designs you can choose from, are not printed but embroidered. Made 100% from Japanese made Sashiko cotton.

    Here are all the designs we offer and their meaning:

    • The Seido embroidery is based on the Seido logo sewn on all Seido equipment.
    • The Aikido embroidery is based on a calligraphy displayed in the main Dojo of the Aikikai Hombu Dojo. It was drawn by Morihei Ueshiba, O-Sensei, when he was 80 years old, during a period in his life when his calligraphy skills reached their peak. Note that the depth and extension of ideograms are a sign of open-mindedness.
    • The "Ki' embroidery is based on the same calligraphy as the "Aikido embroidery" but only contains the second Kanji "Ki".
    • Judo - Gyoshotai (cursive font)
    • Karatedo - Gyoshotai (cursive font)
    • Kendo - Gyoshotai (cursive font)
    • Iaido - Gyoshotai (cursive font)
    • Zanshin - Gyoshotai (cursive font) : Remaining mind, or lingering mind.
    • Mushin - Gyoshotai (cursive font) : No mind (mental state), or mind without mind.
    • Heijoshin - Gyoshotai (cursive font) : Calm, imperturbable, relaxed heart/mind
    • Shingitai - Gyoshotai (cursive font) : The unification of mind, skills and body.
    • Takemusu Aiki - Gyoshotai (cursive font) : Aikido concept, the unity of martial techniques through the concept of Aiki.
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Sashiko Backpack: ¥21,000


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Order today and we will ship before
In stock: ships within 2 working days
Order today and we will ship before
Availability : around (Shipping date estimation)
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