Iaito Minosaka Jidai Koshirae | 2.30 ~ 2.45 Shaku

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Product Information & Size Chart

  • Iaito Minosaka - Jidai Koshirae (2.30 ~ 2.45 Shaku)

    Made in Japan (Kyushu)

    Hamon : Suguha

    Habaki : Muji (Copper) | Seppa : Bronze

    Tsuba : Kasuga | Menuki : Sakura | Fuchi/Kashira : Sakura

    Tsukaito & Sageo : Cotton, black

    Saya : Kuroishime

    The Jidai Koshirae is of a standard Japanese quality that offers a very good quality/price rate.
    Our team has been recommending this model for several years to Iaido beginners. It also makes a fine choice for Aikidoists looking for a practical Iaito.

    This Jidai Koshirae is available in sizes from 2.30 shaku to 2.45 shaku. The blade Hamon (pattern) is a classic Suguha (straight) Hamon. It features Copper Habaki and Bronze Seppa, a classic Kasuga (spring sun) Tsuba and traditional Sakura (cherry blossom) pattern Fuchi, Kashira, and Menuki. Tsukaito and Sageo are made of traditional black Kakucho weaved cotton.
    Kuroishime (black with sanding effect), which is the strongest lacquer available (scratch resistant) is used for the Sayanuri (lacquer).
    These models also feature 2 Mekugi in order to guarantee maximal security.

    The blade is made of reinforced high quality zinc/aluminium bubble-free alloy (duralumin). Note: Alloy blades do not cut and cannot be sharpened.
    Just like the blade, all fitting parts are handmade in Japan and result in a 100% made in Japan product.

    Technical Specifications
    Weight for 2.45 shaku ~820 g without Saya  |  ~1,100 g with Saya
    Motohaba 32 mm
    Sakihaba 20 mm
    Motokasana 6 mm
    Tsuba Kasuga (138 g, 8.4 x 7.6 cm, 4.1 mm thickness)
    Saya Magnolia wood, Kuroishime lacquer
    Size Table
    Your size
    (shaku / cm)
    (sun / cm)
    Weight (without Saya)
    ~ 160 cm 2.30 / 69.6 8.5 / 25.8 730
    ~ 165 cm 2.35 / 71.2 8.5 / 25.8 760
    ~ 170 cm 2.40 / 72.7 9 / 27.3 790
    ~ 175 cm 2.45 / 74.2 9 / 27.3 820

     *This size table is based on the official Japanese Iaido federation recommendation, for information purpose only.

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Iaito Minosaka Jidai Koshirae | 2.30 ~ 2.45 Shaku: ¥42,000
In stock: shipped within 2 business days
Order today and we will ship before
Availability Around (This is an estimation)
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