Keiko Tetron Iaido/Kendo Hakama (Training)

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Hakama Embroidery Services

Hakama Embroidery Services

Available fonts (style) Kaishotai and Gyoshotai for Japanese, cursive and block for English.
Available colors 20 colors - the most popular for Hakama are golden brown and white.
Free transcriptions Write your name in English and select a "Japanese" font, in which case we will take care of the transcription. Note that several translations exist for the same name and that we cannot accept claims. (Please use the text field to add a comment if the pronunciation is unusual. If you already have a translation, please attach a picture). We only translate names or words, we do not translate expressions, such requests will be ignored and refunded, if not discussed prior to your order.
Limitations We embroider in Japanese and English only (no Chinese, Korean, etc.). For any special requests/logo embroidery etc., contact us prior to your order (otherwise, such comments may be ignored).
More information

Embroidery workshop & Japanese free translation (on site), Japanese embroidery on martial art equipment (YouTube) and Embroidery workshop transcription usages (Blog)

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Service details

  • This is the most classic position for a Hakama embroidery. Note: depending on the content (e.g. name + martial art) we split the content into two lines. Feel free to use the comment field for further instructions.
  • Japanese (Kanji, Kana): ~2 x 2 cm - vertical or horizontal
  • English block (capital letters): ~1.5 x 1.5 cm  - vertical or horizontal
  • English cursive capital Letters: ~2 x 2 cm / letter - horizontal only
  • English cursive lower case letters: ~1.5 x 1.5 cm - horizontal only
  • Max. embroidery length: 16 cm (depending on the length of the content, font size might be adapted)

Product Information & Size Chart

  • Keiko Tetron Iaido & Kendo Hakama

    Made in Japan | Black, White, Navy

    Material: Tetron (65% polyester / 35% rayon)

    Shrinkage: 0% | Weight (size 26): 0.85 kg

    Shape: Classic Kendo/Iaido Cut

    Based on the shape and finish of our very popular Aikido Hakama Training, this model is made of the same polyester/rayon composite fabric, a combination that provides our Hakama with durable quality. This synthetic model is solid, comfortable and very easy to maintain due to a special pressing treatment which keeps the pleats perfectly in place. We recommend it for those training daily. Tetron is the fabric most commonly used in the manufacture of Japanese Hakama. However, the fabric that we use is slightly thicker and stronger than the fabrics used by other manufacturers for Kendo or Iaido models.

    This model was designed for intense practice and features many elaborate parts. The Koshiita presents extra stitchings, and the lateral vents are reinforced with an added piece of fabric. The pleats are pressed with a high pressure industrial press which durably fixes the pleats. Easy to fold and to maintain, this model may be hand-washed and dried on a hanger (securing the folds using clothespins) without risk of losing the pleats or damaging the fabric.

    As all our Hakama, this model is fully made in Japan (fabric, cut and stitching). The color may slightly fade at the first wash.

    Please note that the white version is made to order in 1 to 2 weeks.

    Option (made to order): sewing of the inside pleats (+ 2,500 JPY)

    Though synthetic Hakama are quite easy to maintain, we offer to sew the inner pleats to make the folding as easy as possible. The pleats are sewn on the inside and therefore the stitchings are completely invisible when worn. The result however is that the pleats are better kept, and the "puffed out" aspect of the Hakama will be reduced.
    Keiko Tetron Hakama - Size Chart
    Your height Size Hakama Length Strap Length
    150 cm ~ 155 cm 22 83 cm Front strap: 330 cm
    (full length including the front)

    Back strap: 180 cm
    (full length including the koshiita)
    155 cm ~ 160 cm 23 87 cm
    160 cm ~ 165 cm 24 91 cm
    165 cm ~ 170 cm 25 95 cm
    170 cm ~ 175 cm 26 99 cm
    175 cm ~ 185 cm 27 102 cm

    * The measurement of the Hakama length is made from below the bottom of the front strap, to the bottom of the Hakama.

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Product & Services Summary

Keiko Tetron Iaido/Kendo Hakama (Training): ¥13,500
Hakama Embroidery - Right Hip: ¥800
Hakama Embroidery - Koshiita Outside (backplate): ¥1,000
Hakama Embroidery - Koshiita Inside (backplate): ¥1,000
Made to Order | Production: ~ | No Exchanges/Refunds
Order today and we will ship before
In stock: shipped within 2 business days
Order today and we will ship before

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