Keiko White Tetron Iaido/Kendo Hakama (Training)

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Hakama Embroidery Services

Available fonts (style) Kaishotai and Gyoshotai for Japanese, cursive and block for English.
Available colors 20 colors - the most popular for Hakama are golden brown and white.
Free transcriptions Write your name in English and select a "Japanese" font, in which case we will take care of the transcription. Note that several translations exist for the same name and that we cannot accept claims. (Please use the text field to add a comment if the pronunciation is unusual. If you already have a translation, please attach a picture). We only translate names or words, we do not translate expressions, such requests will be ignored and refunded, if not discussed prior to your order.
Limitations We embroider in Japanese and English only (no Chinese, Korean, etc.). For any special requests/logo embroidery etc., contact us prior to your order (otherwise, such comments may be ignored).
More information

Embroidery workshop & Japanese free translation (on site), Japanese embroidery on martial art equipment (YouTube) and Embroidery workshop transcription usages (Blog)

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Service details
Hakama Embroidery - Right Hip

  • This is the most classic position for a Hakama embroidery. Note: depending on the content (e.g. name + martial art) we split the content into two lines. Feel free to use the comment field for further instructions.
  • Japanese (Kanji, Kana): ~2 x 2 cm - vertical or horizontal
  • English block (capital letters): ~1.5 x 1.5 cm  - vertical or horizontal
  • English cursive capital Letters: ~2 x 2 cm / letter - horizontal only
  • English cursive lower case letters: ~1.5 x 1.5 cm - horizontal only
  • Max. embroidery length: 16 cm (depending on the length of the content, font size might be adapted)

Recommended Accessories

Aikido Knee Supporter - White
Seido Tenugui
Aikido Bag - For Aikidogi, Hakama & Belt -10%

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Knee Support - Free Size

Made in Japan

Color: Black or White

Size: One size fits all

"One size fits all" knee support with adjustable, elastic tie of velcro tape. Padded with relatively rigid foam to protect your knees and very comfortable to wear, allowing suwariwaza (movements made in a kneeling position) thanks to the opening at the back. Usable for practitioners of Aikido, Iaido, Judo, or Karate. Available in black or white.
Sold as a single unit or as a pair.

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Seido Tenugui - Seishin Itto Nanigoto ka Narazaran

Made in Japan

This traditional Tenugui (Japanese hand towel) can be used as such in Kendo, Nippon Kempo or Jukendo but also as small towel to wipe off sweat during practice.
In the center is the logo of the Seido brand, the Kanji "Do" or "Michi", found in Aikido, Judo, Karatedo etc. which means "way".
Roughly translated as "where there is a will, there is a way", this well known proverb "Seishin Itto Nanigoto Ka Narazaran" means more precisely "when the mind is concentrated, nothing is impossible".

Please hand-wash in cold water before first use.

External resource: the origin of the tenugui (off site).

  • 100% Cotton
  • Traditional size : 98 x 34 cm
  • Traditional "Honzome" dye, meaning a dye that deeply penetrates the fiber.
¥4,000 ~ ¥6,800
¥3,600 ~ ¥6,120
¥3,600 ¥4,000

Prices vary depending on selected options.

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Dogi & Hakama Sashiko Bag

Made in Japan

Material: 100% Unbleached Sashiko Cotton

Dimensions: 43 cm x 55 cm (rope length is about 195 cm in total).

Embroidery color: 18 colors to chose from (the same color applies for both the kanji main design and the name option).

Name option: Name embroidery at the bottom of the bag (see product pictures)

This cotton bag can fit a dogi, hakama, belt and towel. The ropes and port on the back are thick and comfortable. For optimal quality, Seido logo, Aikido calligraphy, "Ki" calligraphy and all other designs are not printed but embroidered. Made 100% from japanese made unbleached sashiko cotton, this product is eco friendly.

Here are all the designs we offer and their meaning: 

  • The Seido embroidery is based on the Seido label attached to all Seido equipments.
  • The Aikido embroidery is based on a calligraphy found in the main dojo of Aikikai Hombu Dojo. It was created by Morihei Ueshiba O-Sensei when he was 80 years old, a period in his life when his calligraphy reached its peak. Note that the depth and extension of ideograms are a sign of an open mind.
  • The "Ki' embroidery is based on the same calligraphy as the "Aikido embroidery" but only contains the second kanji "Ki".
  • Judo - Gyoshotai (cursive font)
  • Karatedo - Gyoshotai (cursive font)
  • Kendo - Gyoshotai (cursive font)
  • Iaido - Gyoshotai (cursive font)
  • Zanshin - Gyoshotai (cursive font) : Remaining mind, or lingering mind. 
  • Mushin - Gyoshotai (cursive font) : No mind (mental state), or mind without mind.
  • Heijoshin - Gyoshotai (cursive font) : Calm, imperturbable, relaxed heart/mind
  • Shingitai - Gyoshotai (cursive font) : The unification of mind, skills and body.
  • Takemusu Aiki - Gyoshotai (cursive font) : Aikido concept, the unity of martial techniques through the concept of Aiki.

Option "Name Embroidery":

Optionally, you can add your name as embroidery. It will be embroidered on the left of the bottom part (same high as the Seido label), with a font size of 2 cm by 2 cm.
Please note that due to our technical settings and to improve the overall balance, it is only possible to embroider either a first name, a last name or a word (1 word).
For more information about Japanese embroidery, please consult the page "How to Choose your Japanese Embroidery".

Product Information & Size Chart

  • Keiko White Tetron Iaido & Kendo Hakama

    Made in Japan | White

    Material: Tetron (65% polyester / 35% rayon)

    Shrinkage: 0% | Weight (size 26): 0.85 kg

    Shape: Classic Kendo/Iaido Cut

    As usual, this white Hakama is fully made in Japan (fabric, cut and stitching). Made of the same polyester/rayon composite fabric as our popular Aikido Hakama Training, it is durable, solid, and comfortable. The fabric is slightly thicker and stronger than the one used by other manufacturers for Kendo or Iaido Hakama, the Koshiita presents extra stitchings, and the lateral vents are reinforced with an added piece of fabric.

    Overall, it is very easy to maintain due to a special high pressure pressing treatment which durably fixes the pleats and keeps them perfectly in place, making it easier to hand-wash and dry on a hanger. The color may slightly fade after the first wash, but will hold much more than Aizome on cotton fabric. It is recommended mostly for daily training and intense practice.

    White outfit is traditional in Seitei-Iai and for some Koryu. It is usually considered a symbol of purity, and some say it is a reference to the white cloth the deceased are dressed in: it would be a reminder of how you are supposed to kill your ego through the practice of Iaido. In any case, it is very often required to match the color of the Hakama with the Jacket’s color.

    Although the traditional navy color is usually preferred among the male Kendo practitioners, women and children can be seen wearing white Hakama regularly. However, another really famous and exceptional use for a white outfit in Kendo is the Imperial Guard, supposedly as a symbol of purity due to their proximity to the Emperor.

    Option (made to order): sewing of the inside pleats

    Though synthetic Hakama are quite easy to maintain, we offer to sew the inner pleats to make the folding as easy as possible. The pleats are sewn on the inside and therefore the stitchings are completely invisible when worn. The result however is that the pleats are better kept, and the "puffed out" aspect of the Hakama will be reduced.
    Keiko White Tetron Hakama - Size Chart
    Your height Size Hakama Length Strap Length
    150 cm ~ 155 cm 22 83 cm Front strap: 330 cm
    (full length including the front)

    Back strap: 180 cm
    (full length including the koshiita)

    Fits up to 90 cm in hips/waist.
    155 cm ~ 160 cm 23 87 cm
    160 cm ~ 165 cm 24 91 cm
    165 cm ~ 170 cm 25 95 cm
    170 cm ~ 175 cm 26 99 cm
    175 cm ~ 180 cm 27 102 cm

    * The measurement of the Hakama length is made from below the bottom of the front strap, to the bottom of the Hakama.

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Product & Services

Keiko White Tetron Iaido/Kendo Hakama (Training): ¥13,500
Hakama Embroidery - Right Hip: ¥800
Hakama Embroidery - Koshiita Outside (backplate): ¥1,000
Hakama Embroidery - Koshiita Inside (backplate): ¥1,000


1 x Knee Support - One size fits all: ¥2,900
1 x Seido Tenugui: ¥1,000
1 x Sashiko Bag for Dogi & Hakama: ¥3,600
Made to Order | Production: ~ | No Exchanges/Refunds
Order today and we will ship before
In stock: ships within 2 working days
Order today and we will ship before
Availability : around (Shipping date estimation)
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