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10% OFF on Aikidogi Set, Iaidogi Jacket, Karategi and Kendogi + 5% OFF on Aikido pants only and jacket only!
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Meet our artisans via the new presentation page Seido’s choice of traditional workshops and artisans, on which you will find a short description of each workshop we are working with.
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We have released our blog this summer (2015). During the next few weeks, we will be publishing various articles about how to choose your equipment, the Japanese craftsmanship, demonstrations, videos, etc. Stay tuned & bookmark > The Seido Blog

Aikido Hakama

About our Aikido Hakama

Specially designed for the practice of aikido, all Seido Hakama are 100% made in Japan by one of the oldest workshop in the country (learn more about the workshops on our artisans presentation page). All models have 7 lines of stitching on the straps, a flexible koshiita (back plate). With the exception of the Keiko Tetron Hakama, Seido Hakama are partially hand sewn. All our hakama are approved by the Aikikai Foundation and the Aikikai logo is optional.

The range consists of four "synthetic" hakama: Tetron, Polyester Cashmere (thick), and polyester/linen (end); one synthetic died cotton Hakama (which does not fade), and three traditional cotton models died in traditional "Bushu Aizome" indigo dye. 
If classic Aikido Hakama don't fit you well and you wish to custom your Hakama to adjust the fit, you can choose from the custom options available below. Check out the "How to Choose your Hakama" for more details.

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