Original Sashiko Face Masks

We have long hesitated before offering masks on our website. Seido does not want to profit from the COVID-19 crisis and our staff was not comfortable about offering such products. However, after a few weeks stockpiling products that they couldn't sell, this is one of the solutions our workshop came up with in order to stay alive. We have decided to offer this product so you can also support our workshops and all the seamstresses who manufacture your beloved Seido Dogi.

The first model is made at our Dogi workshop in the Aichi Prefecture, from high-quality Japanese Mikawa cotton, the same rice grain (sashiko) fabric used for most of Seido's Dogi. The fabric is treated with an antimicrobial/odor resistant solution made from Japanese cypress trees that should help reduce unpleasant smell and bacterial development. 

See the Aichi Workshop Model

The second model is made by KuSakura, in their Osaka workshop. This model is less fashionable, available in only one size, and made from a lower grade cotton. We've decided to also offer it as it is more affordable, and has a different style that some may prefer. 

See the KuSakura Workshop Model

Of course, we still add our own Seido original masks for free in as many packages as possible (as of today, about 80 to 90% of all shipped packages contain one mask). Please note that our "DIY" Seido mask is not available for sale.

If you want to support our workshop and/or you are falling for the new trend of wearing fashionable masks, feel free to check the product page!

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