Minosaka Seppa

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  • Minosaka Seppa

    The Seppa are two thin plates that are put on both sides of the Tsuba to tighten and adjust the fitting.

    Made from brass or bronze and available also silver and gold plated to give the sword an exquisite touch. All models fit standard swords, Shinken and Iaito, and the large model slightly protrudes the Tsuka and is visible. All Seppa are made by the Minosaka workshop in Japan. Each piece is hand crafted and therefore unique, featuring slight variations in shade and pattern.

    • Brass - Standard: for a modern finish.
    • Bronze - Standard: oxidization giving it a dark coloring, for an ancient touch. Available in 2 thickness.
    • Bronze - Large: oxidization giving it a dark coloring, for an ancient touch, recommended for large Tsuba. Available in 2 thickness.
    • Bronze - Silver/Gold plated - Standard: for an exquisite finish.

    Gold and Silver plated Seppa are fully made to order with a production time of up to 1 month.


    Seppa dimensions
    Model Length Width Thickness
    Brass standard 4.1 cm 2.6 cm 1 mm
    Bronze standard 4.1 cm 2.6 cm 1 mm
    Bronze standard thick 4.1 cm 2.6 cm 2 mm
    Bronze Large 4.5 cm 2.7 cm 1 mm
    Bronze Large thick 4.5 cm 2.7 cm 1.5 mm
    Brass Gold/Silver plated standard 4.3 cm 2.7 cm 1 mm
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Minosaka Seppa: ¥2,000
Made to Order | Production: ~ | No Exchanges/Refunds
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