Minosaka Habaki

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  • Minosaka Iaito/Shinken Habaki

    The Habaki is a small piece enclosing the base of the sword blade. Amongst several other purposes, it keeps the sword safely in the Saya and locks the Tsuba.

    Made from copper, the Habaki are available in 3 colors: brass, silver and gold. Further, you can choose from 3 finishes: plain/shiny, slightly marked or mat. They are all made by the Minosaka workshop in Japan. Each piece is thoroughly hand crafted and therefore unique, featuring slight variations in shade and pattern.

    • Muji: plain, literally meaning "no pattern"
    • Shonai: mat, antique finish, a term stemming from a region in the Yamagata prefecture
    • Yujo: marked, referring to the famous sword fittings maker Yujo Goto
    • S size usually fits a Wakizashi blade.
    • M size fits standard blades (such as the Jidai Koshirae, or Higo Koshirae).
    • L size fits large/heavy blades (such as the Hon Koshirae).
    • XL is a custom size for very large blades (such as Dotanuki Koshirae).

    Gold and Silver plated Habaki are fully made to order with a production time of about 1 month.

    Habaki dimensions
    Model/Size Height/Length Width Blade Motohaba Blade Motokasane
    Small 2.2 cm 3.1 cm NA NA
    Medium 2.6 cm 3.3 cm 3.2 cm 0.6 cm
    Large 2.9 cm 3.4 cm 3.3 cm 0.7 cm
    Extra large 2.9 cm 3.8 cm 3.6 cm 0.9 cm

    The blade width corresponds to Minosaka Iaito. Dimensions are set with the international metric system. For exact measurements, please refrain from using the metric converter/US metrics.


    Although Tsuba and Menuki can easily be fitted on any type of Koshirae (Iaito or Shinken), Shinken Habaki are usually custom-made for a specific blade. These models are designed for Minosaka blades and can be fitted to any blade with fairly close measurements, but some DIY skills will be required. The dimensions provided refer to the outside of the Habaki, and to Minosaka blades. Please make sure that your mounting is perfectly secured before using your sword, as a poorly fitted Habaki may cause safety issues.

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Minosaka Habaki: ¥5,500


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In stock: ships within 2 working days
Order today and we will ship before
Availability : around (Shipping date estimation)
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