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Kurikata Shitodome

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  • Shitodome For Kurikata

    The Kurikata is the piece placed 7.5 cm from the Koiguchi (Saya hole) on the Omote side of the Saya, used to nest the Sageo. As a standard, the Kurikata is made of wood, covered with lacquer and can be fitted with a Shitodome, two small pieces that are inserted in each side of the hole.

    The Shitodome is a small piece of brass, gold or silver plated, inserted in the Kurikata (the hole in which the Sageo goes). The Shitodome is purely decorative. The Shitodome is available in 2 different finish: Standard and Deluxe. The Deluxe version has a smoother finish on the hole which reduces the damage taken by the Sageo over time. 

    The standard model is a little bigger than the deluxe version, with the following dimensions: 20 mm × 9 mm × 10 mm. The metal present a seam on the outside and over time, it may slightly damage the Sageo if the sageo often slides in the Kurikata.

    The deluxe model is slightly smaller, but with a bigger hole: 19.5 mm 9 mm × 6 mm. There is no seam/connection so this model will not damage the Sageo at all.

    Available in 5 different models/finish:

    • Shitodome Standard - Gold Plated
    • Shitodome Standard - Silver Plated
    • Shitodome Deluxe - Blackened
    • Shitodome Deluxe - Gold Plated
    • Shitodome Deluxe - Silver Plated


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Kurikata Shitodome: ¥1,800


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