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  • Kiku Kamon Engraving


    Chrysanthemum - 「菊」 in Japanese.

    The Kiku mon has been associated for centuries with Japan’s imperial lineage. In ancient times however, following a Chinese tradition, Japanese emperors used the sun as their main emblem. It is said that the chrysanthemum eventually came to replace the sun because of its design similarities: the 16 (or 32) petals of the flower representing the original rays of sunshine.

    Many samurai and warlords have used chrysanthemum emblems throughout history, but from 1871 to the end of WW2, Kiku mon were finally restricted by law for the exclusive use of the emperor and imperial family members.

    The official imperial mon is the Juroku Yae Omote Kiku, or "double-layered 16-petal front chrysanthemum".

    Kamon 1

    Juroku Kiku (16-petal chrysanthemum).
    The basic chrysanthemum design. The Kiku mon has about 500 known variations.

    Kamon 2

    Kiku Sui (chrysanthemum and water).
    A refined design used notably by Kusunoki Masahige, a loyal servant of Emperor Go-Daigo.

    Kamon 3

    Daki Kiku Ha ni Kiku (chrysanthemum in embracing chrysanthemum leaves).
    A mon received by Saigo Takamori from the emperor.

    Kamon 4

    Itakura Kiku (Itakura Clan's chrysanthemum).
    The mon of the Itakura Clan: a combination between the 16-petal chrysanthemum and a Mitsu Tomoe mon.

    How to Order - Service Description

    1. Select your Kamon size
      1.5 cm fits on all weapons and is fairly small for a Kamon. We recommend this size only for Kamon with few details. Fits all weapons, including 24 mm Jo.
      2 cm can be considered as standard. It fits on most weapons, except on the thinnest weapons such as the 24 mm Jo.
      2.5 cm is fairly big and will not fit on thin Koryu Bokken, Tanto, Bo, Hanbo, and Jo.
      If the selected size is too big for the ordered weapon, the Kamon will be adapted to the maximum engravable size.
    2. Select your Kamon design
    3. Select Kamon position
      If you wish to offset the position in regard to a name engraving ordered from the product page, please use the "additional instructions" field.
    4. Additional instructions
      If you order several weapons, please use the field "additional instructions" to specify which weapon should be engraved.

    All special requests must be discussed prior to placing your order. If you have a doubt, email us before placing your order.
    One Kamon = One engraving. For more than one engraving, add the Kamon as many time as desired with the correct options.
    This is not a product but an engraving service that can only be ordered as part of a simultaneous purchase with a product on which to engrave.

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Kiku Kamon Engraving: ¥1,000


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Order today and we will ship before
In stock: ships within 2 working days
Order today and we will ship before
Availability : around (Shipping date estimation)
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