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  • Kabutowari

    Made in Japan
    Composition: Hard steel, cotton cord wrapping
    Length: 47 cm | Weight: ~670 g

    This Kabutowari is made of hard steel, featuring a Tsuka wrapped in a cotton cord. It presents a fairly sharp tip but no blade, as it is not designed to cut or stab, but rather to crush. The hook near the Tsuka was very likely used to parry the opponent's sword, hook the cords of the armor, or perhaps even to pry armor plates open.

    Kabutowari means "crushing the Kabuto", the iconic Samurai helmet, and the Kabutowari was carried as an additional weapon by many Samurai.
    Several interpretations of this weapon's name and its intended use exist, as 'Kabuto' could also mean 'skull' and 'wari' to 'split'. However, it is very unlikely that a blunt weapon could actually crush such a Kabuto (helmet).

    There are very few historical references and no school is known for still using this weapon today (except as an extension of the Jutte). It can though be of interest for ancient Koryu researchers and the exceptionally fine craft of this weapon makes it the ideal addition to a collection of traditional Japanese weapons.

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Kabutowari: ¥11,000
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