• Schedule for Delivery Before '19 Xmas

    Very last chance to be delivered before Christmas: December 17th. Check the visual calendar, or read more details here.

    Seido offers the fastest service in Japan, that's a fact. But we don't perform magic either, so to avoid any bad surprise here is our schedule for December!

    • Made to Order items (embroidered belts, made to order Dogi/Iaito etc.): Order before November 26th and you will be delivered before Christmas.
    • In stock products shipped via EMS/EPacket: last chance to get items with embroideries/engravings delivered before Christmas is December 6th.
    • In stock products shipped via FedEx, DHL or UPS: last chance to get items with embroideries/engravings delivered before Christmas is December 17th .

    Yes, we're sure. We usually deliver in 4 days in Europe and North America. Our entire team will be focused on preparing your orders, and all orders placed the 17th will ship the 18th.

    • We'll be open on December 31st, then closed from the 1st to January 5th, for our winter holidays. And of course, email support will be slower but maintained the whole time.

    Finally, please understand that our carriers don't employ magical reindeer, and Santa Claus isn't working at the customs. Hence, on time order delivery cannot be guaranteed 100% so please don't wait until the last minute to order!

    Christmas Calendar 2019

  • December Special Offer

    10% OFF on Accessories & Bags! (until December 19th, 10 am JPT)

    10% OFF on All Accessories & Bags!

    December is here and our Black Friday & Cyber Monday offer is now over, but we've got you covered for Christmas with a 10% discount on all accessories & bags.
    If you find complicated to get the right Dogi/Hakama size to offer them as presents to your relatives, you might want to opt for some accessories that will always fit, whoever the practitioner!

    This year's Black Friday was a huge success with more than 300,000 YEN that will be donated to charities next week. Thank you very much all for your incredible support!
    As usual our hyper-organized team gave its best and all our orders were shipped on time or ahead of schedule! But with all the custom-made products we have to manufacture, it's going to take several weeks to get everything done and shipped. We'll do our best to ship asap and all orders that can possibly deliver before Chrismas will.

    On the website/new products side, last month, we've added a new Hakama lineup for Iaido/Kendo practice. This line up come from our Aikido Hakama workshop, which also is a traditional Hakama specialist. All models are manufactured in a small atelier in Tokyo that has been manufacturing Budo Hakama for more than a century. It is the oldest workshop in Japan still in activity and the very last workshop producing partially handmade Hakama in the purest tradition. So if you're interested in the best of the best of the Budo equipment tradition, there's only one place to go, our Iaido & Kendo Hakama collection.

    If you haven't noticed our new blog articles, we've also published a few entries in English this month:
    - Looking after your Hakama, Dogi (Kimono) & Obi (belt)
    - The choice of a specific Bokken for Aikido & And how it influences the Aikido practice

    If we continued publishing dozens of videos from the Meiji Jingu Kobudo Taikai, we haven't had much time to work on our other projects. However, we're currently working on a "How to wrap your Fukuroshinai" video, and it will be live soon on our Youtube channel!

    And that's all for this month. Enjoy the discounts, and have fun on the mats!

  • Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019

    10% OFF Everything & Donation to Amnesty, MSF & UNICEF (until December 03rd, 5pm JPT)

    10% OFF Everything & Donation to Amnesty, MSF & UNICEF

    Because business should also be about doing the right things

    Last year, we decided to boycott the Black Friday/Cyber Monday event by not offering any discount, but charity donation to Doctors Without Borders and Amnesty International.
    If this event was a success that received great support from the vast majority of our fellow customers, we listened to those who said that it is not necessarily consistent to offer 10% discount on some items every month and nothing for the #BFCM.

    So for this edition, and because we have now recurring charity events throughout the year, we've decided to do both.
    We're offering 10% OFF everything, and we will donate 5% of all our #BFCM sales to Doctors Without Borders, Amnesty International and the UNICEF.

    We'd like to take this opportunity to come back to all the charity events we run since 2018's #BFCM in numbers.

    So, we run a charity event every month for a period that goes from 36h to 72h. During those events, 10% of all orders is donated to charities. What precisely happens is that all orders are tagged with a "charity eligible" tag, and once we have reached a decent amount, we proceed to donation to each charity through bank transfers.
    In order to keep tracks of all orders we receive on Seido's websites, we have developed our own tool that automatically fetches all orders eligible for a charity donation and keeps records of all donations we made.
    The graph below is a simple screenshot of the tool we use internally and that shows how much, when and to which charity the money went.

    Amnesty International, UNICEF and Doctors Without Borders all received 199,500 YEN for a total of 598,500 YEN donated over a period that starts January 1st and ends November 11th.
    This only takes into account our donations to charities, not the donation to various non-charity NPO (such as the Aikikai for example).

    We would also like to clarify that Japan, as many other countries, offers the possibility to partially deduce donated money from company taxes. However, it is important to note that Japan is not very "charity-friendly" and the conditions are far less motivating than in most European countries, for example. This might explain why Seido is one of the main corporate support for Amnesty International in Japan (yes, with only 2000 USD... it shows how less they have and how much they need our support!).
    All in all, we plan to have less than 30% of the total donated in deduction, and that's only if we make enough profit to be eligible for a deduction, which might not be the case.

    All members of the Seido team share core values that are deeply linked with the Budo ethics in the sense that we believe it is our duty to "contribute to social prosperity and harmony, and ultimately, benefit the people of the world." We strongly believe that the support we bring to craftsmanship and local production is part of the solution, and that's the very reason Seido exists.

    If you would like to know more about our ethics and our charity program, please feel free to read our dedicated "Seido Charity Programs page". You can also check last year's news regarding the Black Friday/Cyber Monday's event and the honest report we published after the event.

    We thank you all for your continued support and we are looking forward to meeting you on the mats!

  • November Special Offer

    10% OFF on All Belts & their embroideries! (until November 28th, 4pm JPT)

    10% OFF on ALL Belts and their Embroideries

    After offering 10% off on all classic Bokken, Jo & Tanto, we're moving on to a new offer that will definitely have a wider audience with 10% OFF on all belts and their embroidery services. Many Dojo organize grading exams in October, so we hope this offer will be a good opportunity for many of you to acquire a new high quality belt made in Japan.
    This offer will end November 28th at 4 pm, Japan time.

    October was again a very busy month at Seido. In addition to the really huge number of orders we processed (and for which we owe you a huge thanks), we continued our work related to the transmission of traditional weapons from the Horinouchi workshop to the other workshops.
    Most weapons are now back online and available for order, and although some of them suffered a significant price raise, we are happy with how things are going with the other workshops.
    Unfortunately, the closing down of the Horinouchi workshop also meant that all orders had to be distributed among the remaining suppliers and it caused a huge overload of work for all craftsmen. The most complicated weapons - that are not back online at this moment - might not come back until things calm down, and that may not be before early 2020.
    Additionally, we came to the conclusion that the remaining workshops won't be able to manufacture Katanakake (sword stands) at a decent price, because it is not their specialty and because they need to focus on producing weapons. We are currently discussing the possibilities with other craftsmen (some of them already manufacture swords stand for private customers and museums) so no worries, we'll have a few models back on the catalog at some point, we just don't know when.

    In addition to this work, we added a few new products to our catalog!
    - 3 Wakizashi Iaito from the Minosaka workshop. This was long due, they're available now. The Dotanuki (extra heavy models) Iaito and Wakizashi are coming soon.
    - Striped Tetron Hakama, Aikido finish. This was a common request from many customers, so we added the product as a regular (made to order) item.
    - 5 and 6 Shaku Octagonal Bo. Again, a common request from our fellow Kobudo friends, now available only as a standard (made to order product).
    - A round long (60 cm) sansetsukon, from the Aramaki workshop.

    And to conclude with the news, we also refreshed our blog a little. We corrected/enhanced a few articles that we (re)shared on social media. We are preparing a few new articles that should be published in the next few weeks.

    Unfortunately, all this means that we haven't had time to move on with our video projects. We're still trying to find the time to focus on the 3 interviews that we already shot, but as you know, we think 'quality first' so we're not rushing things.

    That's all for this month. Enjoy the discounts, and have fun on the mats!

  • October Special Offer

    10% OFF on All Classic Bokken, Jo & Tanto! (until October 28th, 10 am JPT)

    10% OFF on All Classic Bokken, Jo & Tanto

    You're now all back to your dojos and ready to make this new year a fantastic one. Congratulations to all the newcomers who joined this year. We hope Budo will bring you stability and confidence in your life.

    After offering 10% OFF on our "Back to the Dojo" selection in September, we wanted to offer all practitioners the opportunity to get good new weapons, so we've settled for a 10% discount on all Classic Bokken, Jo & Tanto. This offer will be up until October 28th.

    News on the Horinouchi Workshop Closing

    As you know, we are working tirelessly to bring back all products in our catalog. Here is what we've accomplished so far:

    We still have a dozen Koryu Bokken as well as a few Naginata and Yari to transfer to either the Matsuzaki or the Horinouchi workshop, but the job is mostly done!

    What's coming next ?

    We are currently working on the 3 interviews we already shot: Master Tokusanai (Bogu Craftsman), Master Aki (Fukuroshinai) and Master Akuzawa (Aunkai's founder).
    We hope to have at least one release in October.

    And we are also working on a few news products that have been expected by part of our community for some time. Stay tuned, it's coming soon!

    That's all for this month. Enjoy the discounts, and have fun on the mats!

  • Back to the Dojo Special Discount

    10% OFF on our selection of 20 high quality pieces of equipment! (until September 26th, 10 am JPT)

    10% OFF on our selection of 20 high quality pieces of equipment

    And here we are, the holidays are over and we're starting a new year!
    For this "back to the Dojo" discount, we simply picked 20 bestsellers from all categories so everyone can take advantage of the discount.  It will run until September 26th, 10 am JPT.

    August has been a very difficult month for our industry and for Budoka of the world. One of the biggest wooden weapon workshops, Horinouchi, announced it would close in September. Of course, it pushed many people to rush their orders and buy as many weapons as possible, which forced Horinouchi to suspend all orders earlier than expected. They stopped accepting orders on August 26th.

    We were planning on working on our interview with the Master Bogu Craftsman Tokusanai in August, but the closing of the Horinouchi workshop changed our priorities.
    Unfortunately, there was not a single company in our industry that stepped up to take care of the transfer of knowledge from this workshop to the others, so we took on us to do it. It was indeed always our main concern that this traditional craftsmanship would die with its last representatives, and that its designs would be forgotten and lost forever. So we ordered each and every single product Horinouchi was manufacturing, and we are in the process of cataloging them, one by one, to create an exhaustive and tangible database of his weapons. This way, we will be able to copy any products in the future, and we will act as keepers of Horinouchi's legacy as long as we exist.
    This is a very long and complicated job, but it's something we are proud to do. It is directly linked to our #BudoStudies program, since each and every single Koryu weapon they were manufacturing is part of each Koryu’s history. Should the school disappear, a piece of their history will be preserved with us at least.

    As for purchasing wooden weapons at the moment, we are actively working on finding a solution for most of all items. We already transferred all the Nunchaku and Tonfa to the Aramaki workshop and they are already available for purchase. Now that all samples are catalogued, we are splitting them between the three remaining workshops to start making copies of the originals and launching the production.
    As we already announced, we are planning on a significant price increase for most of those items, from 20% to 100%. We believe this is generally a good thing though, as low prices (and low wages) were one of the main reasons why the Horinouchi workshop closed. The others must absolutely do whatever it takes to ensure their future, and we are 100% with them, no matter what.
    Please refrain from sending us too many questions. We already work as fast as possible, which implies lots of overtime. As soon as we confirm that a product is actively transferred to another workshop, we have to order stocks, reshoot all the pictures, reset the prices and reactivate it on the website. To know which products are still suspended it's easy: just open the product page and all products that will not have been transferred yet will have a big red banner indicating that it is not possible to order at the moment.

    During the month, we continued publishing Aikido videos from the 57th All Japan Aikido.
    We also received the visit of our Fukuroshinai Craftsman Mr Aki Kenji, during which we took a Fukuroshinai leather fitting lesson, as well as a short history of recent Fukuroshinai and manufacturing lesson, all filmed and soon available on our Youtube channel.

    That's all for this month. Not much content, but an incredibly busy month nonetheless. Enjoy our contents, enjoy the discounts, and have fun on the mats!

  • August Special Offer

    10% Off on All Aikidogi, pants, jackets & sets! (until August 30th, 10 am JPT)

    10% Off on All Aikidogi, pants, jackets & sets!

    How is your summer going? Japan is getting really hot with temperatures hitting records on a regular basis. 
    Since most Dojo don't have air conditioners, it makes training quite hard. Mid-summer is always the moment we realize we don't have enough Dogi for a decent turnover: wearing, sweating, washing, drying, start over. 

    O'Bon holidays will start soon this year, set from August 12th to August 15th.
    During this period, part of our staff will be working, so support email should not suffer any delay. However, all our workshops will be closed and shipping will be significantly impaired, which will result in noticeable shipping delays. 
    Of course, as usual, all the shipping dates displayed on our website remain accurate and our website stays 100% operational, so you can place your orders at any time.

    O'Bon is a Japanese Buddhist custom to honor the spirits of one's ancestors. Nowadays, it is a one week period during which many Japanese companies close and allow their employees to take some vacations with their families. All generations meet for parties and celebrations in honor to the ancestors. Japan has a fairly positive vision of death and if it's always with a heavy heart that we visit the graves of our ancestors, we celebrate our family time with joy.

    Since nothing significant happened in the past 2 weeks, we'll pass on the usual "report" we publish every month, but stay tuned because we'll have a lot going on in the next few weeks!

    Enjoy our contents, enjoy the discounts, and have fun on the mats!

  • O'Bon festival & Summer Holidays 2019

    Although SeidoShop will not close for the "O'Bon" period (Aug 12th to Aug 15th), our workshop will take a few days off, so all custom made orders will be delayed accordingly.

    Although Seido stays open all summer with a slightly reduced team, our craftsmen will take some time off, as it is customary during the "O'Bon" festival in Japan.

    O'Bon is a Buddhist festival to honor the spirits of the ancestors, and it is also the time to go back to your hometown to celebrate with the family.  Although the period can slightly vary depending on the region, most of our workshops close for more a less a week, at mid-August.
    This year, it will be from Monday 12th to Thursday 15th.

    During this time, the workshops will be completely closed so we will not be able to provide quotations for custom made items or to provide accurate production times. In addition, all custom made orders placed before and during O'bon will be naturally delayed by about a week if their production time includes the O'Bon period.

    This delay is already taken into account in the estimations of the shipping dates that are displayed on all products, as well as in your carts before checkout. However, we expect no additional delays.

    Enjoy the summer (sorry for our fellow friends in the South Hemisphere!) and see you soon on!

  • Mid Summer Special Sale

    10% Off on All Jisei & Minosaka Iaito (until August 8th, 10 am JPT)

    10% Off on All Jisei & Minosaka Iaito

    Did you already take your vacations or are you about to?
    Part of our staff already did and is back to work, some will leave soon, but we stay 100% operational for daily operations!

    Did you participate in any seminar this summer?
    We haven't yet, but it's coming!

    With those who take their vacation in July or August in mind, we chose to have a mid-summer discount running during both months, so everybody will be able to take advantage of it. We've decided to offer 10% discount off on all our Iaito. As you know, Iaito have a fairly long production time, three weeks at best for Minosaka, and up to four months for Jisei's full custom. So, in order to make sure you have a chance to get a new Iaito for the new season coming, we're running the sale now, long before the season begins. Nonetheless, we still recommend to order as soon as possible as we are expecting manufacturing delays to increase by about a week due to the O'Bon period that is set between August 12th and August 17th for this 2019 edition.

    O'Bon is a Japanese Buddhist custom to honor the spirits of one's ancestors. Nowadays, it is a one week period during which many Japanese companies close and allow their employees to take some vacations with their families. All generations meet for parties and celebrations in honor to the ancestors. Japan has a fairly positive vision of death and if it's always with a heavy heart that we visit the graves of our ancestors, we celebrate our family time with joy.

    No worries though, we've anticipated this period and our shipping estimations displayed on the website will still be accurate.

    Mid-July report

    • All the demonstrations of the 57th All Japan Aikido playlist are now published.
    • We conducted a very interesting interview with master craftsman Tokusanai, a Kendo Bogu craftsman. Although Seido does not sell Kendo Bogu for the very simple reason that there are no 100% made in Japan full Bogu sets available on the market, we are very interested in this craftsmanship that barely survives through the very last generation of craftsmen (they work on a per order basis and do not have enough capacity to fill national market, let alone the international market).
      This interview will be published by the end of the summer, so stay tuned!

    And that's it for the first half of July. The next few weeks won't see much updates, but we're still working on our projects, and we'll keep you updated.

    Enjoy our contents, enjoy the discounts, and have fun on the mats!

  • July Special Offer

    10% Off our Summer Selection (until July 19th, 4 pm JPT)

    10% Off on our Summer Selection !

    July is here. Summer vacations are coming! And with vacations... summer seminars. We've made a selection of products we believe might be needed during that summer. Lightweight Dogi, bags, weapons, a little of everything with a touch of summer in the selection.

    On our end, June has been a little lighter than May, and if we published many demonstration videos, no major project was released.
    Well, we've released yet another improved version of our website. A version that mainly focuses on improving the display of important information such as the shipping date or the return policy for each item in the cart.
    We've also released an improved version of our anti-fraud filter, which means there are recently more ID requests sent to our customers so as to authenticate their payments. Our goal is to meet the most recent standards to better protect our customers against frauds. This isn't security per se, but it will help prevent frauds on a higher scale, for the benefit of all.

    June report

    • We published an in-depth analysis based on the results of the Aikido Quiz we ran last May. Those results will be used to make decisions on how our energy and financial sponsorship should be focused for the next few months. Our goal is to raise awareness and spread relevant and accurate information on Aikido history.
    • We've published almost all the demonstration videos shot at the 57th All Japan Aikido, you can find them in the corresponding playlist. There are just a few left, coming in the next few days.
    • We've added videos to the 37th Asakusa Kobudo Demonstration playlist, and the publication is now over, all videos are online!

    We are currently working on a special project featuring a traditional craftsman in a way that has never been done before, and completely free of any form of business consideration.
    Stay tuned, you'll love it!

    We also have other projects in discussion that might not move forward very fast during summer. Our team will also take some well-deserved vacation, taking turns to make sure our service stays 100% operational during the whole summer, but we'll keep you updated!

    Enjoy our contents, enjoy the discounts, and have fun on the mats! 

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