• O'Bon & Summer Holidays 2018

    Although SeidoShop will not close for the "O'Bon" period, our workshop will take a few days off, so all custom made orders will be delayed accordingly.

    Although Seido stays open all summer with a slightly reduced team, our craftsmen will take some time off, as it is customary during the "O'Bon" festival in Japan.

    O'Bon is a Buddhist festival to honor the spirits of the ancestors, and it's also the time to go back to your hometown to celebrate with the family.
    Although the period can slighty vary depending on the region, most of our workshops close for more a less a week, at mid-August.
    This year, it will be from Monday 13th to Thursday 16th.

    During this time, the workshops will be completely closed, so we will not be able to provide quotations for custom made items, or to provide accurate production times. In addition, all custom made orders placed before and during O'bon will be naturally delayed by about a week if their production time includes the O'Bon period.

    This delay is already taken into account in the estimations of the shipping dates that are displayed on all products, as well as in your carts before checkout. However, we expect no additional delays.

    Enjoy the summer (sorry for our fellow friends in the South Hemisphere!) and see you soon on!

  • Summer Special Offer

    10% OFF All Weapon Sets ! (until August 27th, 10 AM JPT)

    10% Off All Weapon Sets

    Mid-summer, most of you are probably already off about to take some holidays. As previously announced, Seido takes staggered holidays, so there will be no downtime, only a few days off in August for our workshops (O'Bon Period).

    For this summer discount, we've decided to have a monthly offer that starts at the end of July, so those leaving in August can still benefit from it. 
    This discount ends on August 27th, 10 am JPT.

    July report

    Enjoy the discounts, and see you soon on!

  • Interview with Christian Tissier

    An In-Depth Interview with Christian Tissier Shihan, in 7 parts [FR/EN/JP] - Now available on Youtube

    Our latest interview with Christian Tissier Shihan is live!

    In early June 2018, we attended the annual Kyoto International seminar with Christian Tissier, Miyamoto Tsuruzo and Okamoto Yoko Shihan, on the mats, behind a booth, and behind the cameras. 

    Christian Tissier has been supporting Seido from the beginning, and we meet on a regular basis. Since we have started our "Budo Studies" series of interviews (which covers both Budo and Kobudo), it felt natural to ask him for an interview. We are very grateful for his time, as well as his open mind and honesty in his answers. It makes this interview not only the longest available in video, but probably the most personal. 

    This interview is published in 7 episodes, and this article will be updated after each release. 

    Make sure you get the updates by subscribing to our Youtube channel! 

    A special thanks to Josh Gold of Aikido Journal for opening its archives and to Guillaume Erard for providing us with his own archives.

  • Interview with Saito Hitohira

    Saito Hitohira Sensei - Iwama Shinshin Aiki Shurenkai [Interview - FR/EN/JA/ZH/ES] - Now available on Youtube.

    Our latest interview with Saito Hitohira Sensei is live. 

    In early May 2018, during the Golden Week, we made the trip to Iwama for a lesson and an Interview with Saito Hitohira Sensei. Because it was our first encounter, it is only a short interview and it was not shot in the best possible conditions but it is a great introduction and insight into Saito Hitohira's mindset and vision of Aikido. 

    This interview is published all at once and can be found here on our Youtube channel: Saito Hitohira Sensei - Iwama Shinshin Aiki Shurenkai [Interview - FR/EN/JA/ZH/ES]. Subtitles available in English, French, Japanese, Chinese and Spanish.

    Note that we also covered the 11th Iwama Shinshin Aiki Shurenkai International demonstration and we are currently publishing all the videos one by one on our YouTube channel.

    Make sure you get the updates by subscribing to our Youtube channel! 

    Special thanks to Sobue Mitsunori Sensei and Olivier Eberhardt for their support for this interview. (Please note that Saito Sensei does not receive without an introduction and does not wish to be solicited directly).

  • July Special Discount

    10% OFF All Iaito ! (until July 23rd, 10 AM JPT)

    10% Off on All Minosaka Iaito

    Summer is finally here, and most of you are probably planning some holidays. 
    Here at Seido, we're taking staggered holidays, so we will be open all summer, ready to take care of your inquiries and orders. 

    Since some models require a rather long production time, up to 6 weeks, we've decided to discount Iaito this month, so you can place your order in July, and be sure to have it before the beginning of the school year in September! 
    Just be careful, this discount ends on July 23rd, 10 am JPT.

    June report

    As usual, we've been super busy in June. Here is what we did:

    Enjoy the discounts, and see you soon on!

  • June Special Offer

    Free presents with all orders: Sticker, Key Holders, Tenugui, Towels & Hardcover Book  (until July 2nd, 10 AM JPT)

    Free presents with all orders!

    Temperatures in Japan have reached a peak that is starting to make long and hard keiko a challenge!
    Nonetheless, we're still giving ourselves 100% both at work and at the Dojo. Part of our staff will be attending Christian Tissier Shihan & Miyamoto Tsuruzo Shihan's joint seminar in Kyoto (at the amazing Butokuden) at the beginning of June. If by any chance, you're planning to join, let's have a beer after Keiko!

    As usual, May has been extremely busy; we have published more than 30 videos of Koryu demonstrations from the 36th Asakusa Kobudo Takai, and also parts one and two of our interview with Usami Hiroji of Sosuishi Ryu. 
    Tomorrow, we will be at the 56th All Japan Aikido with our double booth and with our cameras. So stay tuned because there's a lot to come on our youtube channel very soon!

    No big spoiler but... we'll have a huge surprise for you in June!

    We've decided to launch again a program we already tested in the past, the "Presents with All Orders" program. 
    Here is how it works: 

    • For any order: A free Seido sticker
    • For any order over 10,000 YEN: a free key holder, and you can choose from: Aikido, Kendo and Karate models.
    • For any order over 20,000 YEN: a free embroidered Towel (you can choose from Seido, Aikido or Zanshin embroidery designs).
    • For any order over 35,000 YEN: a free Tenugui (you can choose from: Seido model, Zanshin model white and Zanshin model blue). 
    • For any order over 50,000 YEN: a free hardcover book: Kendo: Culture of the sword, on the history of Budo creation and development during the Meiji era, by Alexander Bennett (a really, really great book). 

    Note that presents pile up! If you order over 50,000 YEN of goods, you get all presents! 
    Also note that we may change the terms of this offer at anytime, depending on products' availability.

    Enjoy the offer, and see you soon on!

    Note that this offer ends on July 2nd , 10 AM (Japan time)

  • Interview with Usami Hiroji

    Thoughts on Budo's nature w/ Usami Hiroji of the Sosuishi Ryu [Interview Part 2/2 - EN/FR/JP] - Check out our latest video production on youtube

    Our latest interview with Usami Hiroji is live.

    Usami Hiroji sensei is very active in the community. Experienced in Aikido and Karatedo, Menkyo Kaiden in Shinkage Ryu Jujutsu, now assistant of the headmaster of his Sosuishi Ryu branch, but also part of the annual historical reconstitution of the Kagamibiraki and organizer of several Katana related events.
    But the main characteristic we have noted is his noble attitude, openness and kindness.
    This was an awesome encounter with a wonderful gentleman.

    - Part 1/2Introduction to Sosuishi Ryu with Usami Hiroji [Interview Part 1/2 - EN/FR/JP] was published on May 11th. 
    - Part 2/2Thoughts on Budo's nature w/ Usami Hiroji of the Sosuishi Ryu [Interview Part 2/2 - EN/FR/JP] was published on May 24th. 

    Make sure you're updated by subscribing to our Youtube channel! 

  • May Special Discount

    10% OFF on All Weapon Bags, Dogi Bags & Accessories ! (until May 25th, 10 AM JPT)

    10% Off on All Weapon Bags, Dogi Bags & Accessories!

    Summer is getting closer, and temperature isrising in Japan, but we're still in the best period for practice, and we're going to make the best of it!

    In most countries, May means: grade examinations. We usually offer discounts on belts, but since not everyone changes their belt after a successful exam, we've decided to offer a discount on all our weapon bags, dogi/hakama bags and accessories this time. So whether you intend to offer a small present to a dojo mate, or to treat yourself, everyone can benefit from it.

    The past few weeks have been very busy here. We've finally released our new super lightweight KS300 Aikidogi, made of a cotton/polyester blend fabric. We also published the second part of our interview with Kimura Yasuko Shihan (Tendo Ryu), the parts 1 and 2 of our 3rd Seido talk about "practice in Japan", as well as the first videos of the 36th All Japan Kobudo Taikai

    We're currently working on many new projects, new interviews, manufacturing processes, and events. So stay tuned (and Subscribe to our Youtube channel) for more!

    Enjoy the discounts, and see you soon on!

    Note that this offer ends on May 25th, 10 AM (Japan time)

  • Golden Week Holidays

    Due to the Golden Week period (large consecutive Holiday), SeidoShop will close on April 30th, May 3rd and 4th. Email support is maintained with a 48h response time and the site stays fully operational.

    Golden Week 2018

    Due to the Golden Week period (large consecutive Holiday), all our workshops will close from April 28th to May 7th. SeidoShop will only close on April 30th, May 3rd and May 4th. 

    Order containing off stock or made to order products placed between April 15th and May 10th might suffer a delay of 5 to 10 days.
    Those days will be counted as holidays in our shipping estimation date system, which will therefore stay accurate.

    As usual, our team is taking work home and will continue to answers emails as soon as possible and our website stays fully operational. 


  • 56th All Japan Aikido Demonstration

    Pre-orders now open! Use our contact form to place your order and have your order ready for pick up at the event or delivered to your hotel.

    As usual, Seido will be at the All Japan Aikido Demonstration on May 26th at the Nippon Budokan!
    This year again, we'll have an English catalog available, so don't hesitate to get one, we've also attached a (very nice) discount card to it.

    All our products won't be available for purchase as we can't offer to embroider on site, but for those of you who need customized equipment for that day, we can get it ready for pick-up at the Budokan if ordered in advance. (check out below for details). On-site, we'll also have the same ordering system for custom products and embroideries that we had last year, to ensure that all goods will be virtually available (with a crazy fast embroidery/engraving service). Thus, foreign practitioners who are here only for a short period of time will be able to collect their embroidered/custom orders directly at our office the next day (Sunday), or they can opt for a delivery to their hotel by Monday or Tuesday.

    For the third year now, we have decided to keep our double booth setup in order to provide the best possible presentation for the material, especially weapons, which take up much space. This will also allow us to allocate a bit of space to let you try on our Gis. We're looking forward to meet you there!

    How to Order

    Please use our contact form to send your order's detail, including the following:
    - Product details (size, color, embroideries, etc.)
    - Delivery (to your hotel or on site).

    SeidoShop Pricing for the Event

    As you know, all prices on include shipping fees and exclude taxes. The shipping costs represent about 15% of the product price while taxes for orders delivered in Japan are about 8%.
    Therefore, the pricing for the products will be calculated differently than on, and will further include a discount of about 5% on all items that are delivered at the event.

    Delivery Details

    We offer 2 solutions. On site delivery or hotel delivery.

    • On site delivery, May 26th (Tuesday).
      The event starts at 11 am. We will be on site at 8 am, and you can pick up your equipment as soon as the doors open.
      The event ends at 5 pm and we are asked to leave the premises as soon as possible, so all orders must be picked up before 5 pm.

    • Delivery at your hotel, the day of your arrival.
      We are able to deliver in Japan within a precise time frame (8am to 12am, 12am to 2pm, 2pm to 4pm, 4pm to 6pm, and after 6pm).
      Hotel delivery is charged 648 YEN.

    Payment Methods

    For this event, we will only accept credit card payment, currently available on the website.
    Please note that we will only accept cash payments during the event.

    If you wish to pay cash on site, we can put aside the products for you. However, we will not be able to perform any customization prior to the payment.

    Products Offered

    You will be able to choose from almost all in stock products and customization (embroidery/engraving) available on
    Made-to-order items will not be ready on time, so unfortunately, you cannot order any item that is not available in stock.


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