February Special Sale

10% Off on our Aikido Keiko Hakama, Iaido/Kendo Keiko Hakama, all Iaido Jacket & the new Suburito section

February is already here, it's cold in Japan and we're waiting for the snow in Tokyo.
Watch out for injuries and stay warm! (And for our friends in the other hemisphere, well: lucky you!)

So, February isn't very special, no extraordinary news except for the All Japan Kobudo Demonstration on Sunday 5th. 
To make this month a bit more exciting, we've prepared some discounts that may benefit most practitioners, with products from our Aikido, Kendo and Iaido catalog, plus all the new Suburito we've just added. 

Enjoy the discounts, and see you soon on SeidoShop.com!

This discount period ends on March 1st, 12pm Japan Time.

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