August Special Discount

10% OFF on all Dogi & Hakama

We are now heading through the second half of summer, temperatures are still rising here in Japan, and we hope we won't exceed records from last year (more than 40°C), but given how temperatures are rising around the globe, it's probably going to be a tough summer again.

The number of COVID-19 cases is still very high in Japan, but the vaccination is now open to more and more citizens (which led to a saturation of reservations, meaning that things are going in the right direction) and we can hope for the betterment of the situation in the next few months. Meanwhile, please, be safe!

Last, but not least, Olympic Games! Despite a vast majority of the population against it, the games have started.
Despite a few covid cases, thanks to the government's decision to keep it fully behind closed doors, things seem to be under control and the event is going on as planned.
Of course, at Seido, we're focused on Judo and Karate, but a bit more on Karate than Judo. Judo is "business as usual", but Karatedo gets to the Olympics for the first time and we're very much looking forward to the beginning of the competition on August 5th.

August is going to be warm, very warm, and you're probably already considering a spare Dogi, maybe even two. So, we wanted to offer you a very special discount with 10% OFF on all Dogi & Hakama! All our Dogi are 100% made in Japan and the Aikidogi are approved by the Aikikai Foundation.
Jackets, Pants, and even sets are available depending on your budget, your level, your practice, and your martial art! Rather you're looking for an Aikidogi, a Kendogi, a Karategi, or an Iaidogi, you'll certainly find the perfect product that will fit all your needs.
Same as our Dogi, all our Hakama are 100% made in Japan from the best materials available.
And don't forget, all Dogi & Hakama can be customized and embroidered, it's the perfect occasion to renew your outfit with high-quality products directly from Japan!

This offer will end on August 31st, 3 pm JPT.

July report

As every month, we have many new things to share with you:

  • As you know, Seido is invested in preserving the environment, and we enrolled in DHL's "Go Green" program to offset our carbon emissions. With this program, Seido pays an additional three percent fee on top of the cost of the overall bill that will be reinvested into green projects (reforestation, solar panels, vehicle technology). You can now download our Certificate for 2020 that we received recently.
  • For all Japanese swords enthusiasts, we released the Satsuma Koshirae from Minosaka's workshop. It's an enormous sword, with very limited use, but it will certainly interest collectors and practitioners of some very specific Kenjutsu Koryu. This model is a very high-end Iaito, fully order-made, crafted from scratch in Japan. This model has a very special extra-long and heavy blade, and this is the longest and heaviest sword manufactured today within any Iaito lineup. Check it now on the website.
  • Our Sashiko products lineup has received a lot of positive feedback so we decided to offer four brand new models of Sashiko Bags: the Sashiko Big Backpack, the Sashiko Fanny Bag, the Sashiko Messenger Bag, and the Sashiko Sacoche.
    All these products are available in different colors and have different specificities, check them out!
  • And finally, our exclusive interview with Mitsuhiro Tokusanai, Bogu artisan (Kendo's armors) is now live on YouTube! Watch it now on our channel and dive into the reality of being one of the last craftsmen in Japan.

That's it for this month, enjoy the discounts, and see you soon on!

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