Classic Kitatami Setta

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  • Classic Kitatami Setta

    100% Made in Japan

    Color: black, or white

    Size: S, M, L or XL

    High-end Setta for men. Japanese manufacturing. The "Kitatami" model (lit. yellow tatami) is an imitation of tatami covered with a protective urethane.

    The shape is designed to be adapted to the shape of the foot and limit fatigue when walking. This model is water resistant and can be worn on rainy days or near the showers in the dojo.

    Ideal replacement for Zori when walking in a dojo or gym, but also refined and solid enough to be worn with a yukata, a Jinbei or Samue, or simply with normal clothes.

    Size Table
    Size Japanese Size US Size UK Size EUR Size
    M 23.5~24.5 cm 6 ~ 7 5 ~ 6 38.5 ~ 39.5
    L 24.5~25.5 cm 7 ~ 8 6 ~ 7 39.5 ~ 40.5
    2L 26~27 cm 8.5 ~ 9.5 7.5 ~ 8.5 41 ~ 43
    3L 28~29 cm 10.5 ~ 11.5 9.5 ~ 10.5 44 ~ 45.5
    4L 29.5~30.5 cm 12 ~ 13 11 ~ 12 46 ~ 47

    Traditionally, the Setta is slightly shorter than the foot and it lets the heel protrude of a few centimeters.
    The Western style consist in retaining a full heel supports like that of the rear of shoe.
    We advise martial arts practitioners to opt for the Japanese style, since it benefits posture and balance.

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Classic Kitatami Setta: ¥5,500
In stock: shipped within 2 business days
Order today and we will ship before
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