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  • Jutte | Fuji or Himo Maki

    Made in Japan
    Composition: Hard steel, cotton cord or wicker wrapping
    Length: 37 cm | Weight: ~400 g

    The Jutte, literally meaning '10 hands', but very likely referring to the shape of the Kanji 10, '十', representing a cross, is a particular police weapon that was mainly used during the Edo period.
    Back then, the Samurai represented more than 7% of the population and were above all assigned administrative tasks. The Jutte was one of the distinctive marks of those belonging to the police and were carried by officers of almost all ranks.
    The Jutte probably finds its origin earlier in history, when the wearing of swords into some lord's and the Shogun's residences was forbidden, leading to the creation of many non edged weapons.

    As an iconic weapon, the Jutte could be decorated in many different ways and was not always meant for use. The model you find here, however, is made of strong and solid steel and able to withstand a sword attacks.
    It is offered in 2 different finishes, the "Himo Maki" finish which consists of a simple cotton wrapping and the "Fuji Maki" finish, which consists of a wicker wrap (made from genuine Japanese Wisteria tree).

    Technically, the hook could be used to lock a sword, but was rather to pin clothing or body parts down to restrain a person, as police officers were taught to do.
    It is a highly interesting weapon for pinning techniques and self-defense and the top quality finish of those models make them perfect for both, practice or collection.

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Jutte: ¥9,000
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