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  • Japanese Wooden Weapons Craftsmanship, the Beginning of the End | In addition to the structural crisis affecting the industry, in 2019, the closure of one of the largest Japanese workshops, Horinouchi, then, in 2020, the covid crisis have for consequences a drastic increase in prices and production times, and mid-term, a probable disappearance of the manufacture of wooden weapons in Japan. To learn more, you can read our article detailing the situation and the measures taken to help this industry.

About Seido

Seido's Office, Staff & Commitments

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Seido is a Japanese martial art equipment brand that ships within Japan and the rest of the world. Our facilities and staff are located in Tokyo (Find us on Google maps). Our workforce is composed of seasoned martial arts practitioners, and every one of them speak at least two (often 3 or 4) languages, ensuring an optimum flow of communication with our clients, regardless of discipline or origin.

Created in February 2010, Seido gathers SeidoShop France for the French (Japanese), (English), and share logistics (French), and (English).

As of early 2024, Seido Co., Ltd had shipped over 100,000 packages all over the five continents (80+ countries), with two main objectives in mind: to deliver high quality equipment, with a perfect service. Over 50% of the orders have been shipped within 24h, and we have responded to 95% of inquiries in less than 24h, most only a few hours after reception. 98% of orders shipped ahead of schedule or on schedule.

Our main office

Our Goals and Motivation

Exclusively 100% Made in Japan Equipment

At first, our objective was to provide you, anywhere in the world, the best quality that Japan has to offer. But after having worked in the industry for a few years, we realized how endangered the traditional artisans are and it pushed us to make the protection of Japanese craftsmanship our first and main goal. Read the whole story on our blog.

Seido is the only Japanese brand exclusively offering 100% made in Japan equipment. Seido is also the only company specializing in the sale of Aikido equipment, and whose staff consists of martial artists. This results in the customization of products, according to the specific requirements of Aikido practitioners, and allows us to offer expert advice. We have experience in groups, such as Iwama, Yoshinkan, Kobayashi, which allows us to tailor our advice to the specific practices of everyone. Seido products are approved by the Aikikai Foundation.

Read more about the workshops and artisans we are working with: Presentation of our Artisans : Traditional Japanese Workshops

BudoStudies, Blog & Youtube Channel

After years of dedication to Budo equipment and craftsmanship, we started to feel that it wasn't enough. Seido was finally starting to make decent profits, and it was time to decide how those profits should be reinvested.
For a while we focused on sponsoring events and making donations to various projects related to the practice of Budo, but then came the need to do more than financial support.
We realized that if many books and researches were available, they are not often very well known. We also noticed that our Youtube channel, on which we were already publishing some videos of various Budo demonstrations shot in Japan, was quite popular. Since we had video editing capacities, it was very natural to combine our different skills and take advantage of our presence in Japan to produce even more videos, of a different nature.

In 2017, we started publishing interviews of researchers and practitioners, starting with Alexander C. Bennett, one of the most respected researchers in his field. While improving the quality of the demonstration videos we were posting, we got noticed by some of the teachers featured in those videos, all of them sending us positive feedbacks. We took advantage of those contacts to request yet more interviews, and that is how we ended up interviewing high profile martial artists, Japanese, non Japanese, from Budo, Kobudo... our only condition is to be in relation to Japanese Budo.

We also provide some level of logistic, communication or financial support to various people and organizations working in the same field. We collaborate with Aikido Journal, Guillaume Erard, Kendo World (Alex Bennet & Baptiste Tavernier), the Kobudo Shinkokai (one of the two main japanese organizations for the preservation of Kobudo), and more.

November 2018, more than half of our profits is directly re-injected< in what we call our "BudoStudies department”.
Although we acknowledge that our partnership increases our presence and sometimes helps convince practitioners to purchase from us, profit is not a parameter that influences our choices in any way. Financially speaking, our BudoStudies department is not lucrative but considering the very small number of non Japanese contents producers established in Japan and publishing in English, we believe our work is very important for the community. We also believe that sending back our profits to you in the form of original and high quality contents is the right course of action for a business run by Budoka.

Unfortunately, the COVID crisis in 2020 forced us to reduce, then almost entirely stop this activity. Because of the sanitary restrictions at first, then because our industry declined very fast and never completely recovered. We do hope that we will be able to resume our operations in the future, but at the moment, we cannot produce new contents.

- Our Youtube Channel: Budo, Kobudo & Japanese Artisanry
- Our Blog
- Guillaume Erard's Website
- Aikido Journal
- Kendo World
- The Kobudo Shinkokai

In addition to this work, Seido also decided to contribute to the World peace by donating to charities such as Amnesty International, Doctors Without Borders and UNICEF..
Later in 2020, Seido implemented a program to make all its wooden weapons sales sustainable, in collaboration with MoreTrees, a Japanese NPO working for forestation and forest presevations.
Please consult the "Seido Charity Program" page for more information on our actions.

Our Embroidery Workshop

Staff & Office

Seido’s staff is composed of diverse personalities from various parts of the world. We are working together to make a difference, and if you are on this page, it is because you want to get to know us and what we do. If you are traveling to Japan, including a visit at the Hombu Dojo, look for us on the mats!

Jordy Delage - Seido’s founder

Seido’s founder: Jordy Delage
I'm amazed, how much my team evolved in a decade, and I sometimes wonder for how long they will keep bearing me :)

Hi, and thank you for taking the time to discover us.

My name’s Jordy Delage. I was born in France’s countryside in 1985. I emmigrated to Japan at the age of 19 and I am now maried with 3 kids.
I started Aikido at the age of 15, in France, in a group called “Academy Autonome d’Aikido”, affiliated with Kobayashi Hirokazu’s teaching. I moved to Japan at 19, before university, for intensive Aikido practice at the Aikikai Hombu Dojo and to discover more about myself. I then decided to stay in Japan, and it took me a few years to get a university degree in Japanese language and culture (majoring in Japanese religions). I practiced a little Kendo, Judo, and Taichi, but I always got back to Aikido, experiencing different schools, e.g., Yoshinkan, Iwama, and Kobayashi Hirokazu’s style and the Aikikai, to which I belong now.

After a few years of perfecting my Japanese and my Aikido, working in many fields, I decided to create Seido to fill something I considered as a void for many foreign Aikido practitioner. I’ve always been my first customer, and I focused hard on bringing to the international Aikido community the best brands I knew. After a while, not being very satisfied by the products or the support provided by other brands, and since I knew the artisans supplying the brands, I created my own brand, Seido. Doing so, I got the opportunity to give more importance to the artisans and really work on our customer’s needs. I believe that despite an obvious decline of the industry, I have helped raising awarness on ethical and sustainable practices within the industry.

After 15 years of service, as of February 2024, I have entrusted my friend, Kazuma Hayakawa as the sole executive officer for SeidoShop and KuSakuraShop, a good man who will bring to Seido as much as Seido will bring to him.
While still owner of Seido and consultant for the team, I now work on sustainable projets in tropical areas and at a philanthropic fund focused on sustainable and ethical farming.
Of course, I will continue to help the team on my free time, and I will keep doing my best to ensure Seido has the bright future it deserves.

Kazuma Hayakawa - Executive Officer

Kazuma Hayakawa - Executive Officer
We are constantly preparing to deliver high-quality products with love, promptly meeting the expectations of customers worldwide. I feel the excitement and joy every day in the sense of mission to deliver the expected products to customers around the world.

Hi everyone,
My name is Kazuma Hayakawa, head of KusakuraShop. I have taken over Mr. Delage, the former representative, in spring 2023. My previous experience includes working in the film industry for 10 years, specifically in sound recording for movies (dialogue recording and sound effects editing), followed by 10 years in the food and beverage industry.
Although I have experienced completely different industries, and now I have been given the opportunity to challenge myself in the martial arts world. Throughout my life, I had little connection to martial arts, but as my father, who has been involved with Kusakura as a member of the founding family, for over 40 years, retired, my desire to learn and inherit the path he has walked has grown stronger day by day. It was at this moment that I fortunately encountered Seido, a company that has supported the martial arts industry and Kusakura for many years, along with my father.
At Seido, there are skilled craftsmen who inherit traditional techniques and staff members who have practical martial arts experience and specialized knowledge. They handle a wide range of martial arts equipment tailored to the needs of martial artists worldwide. Learning that there are many people who love Japanese culture and martial arts there, I was deeply impressed. Through touching various fabrics and martial arts equipment, I felt the depth and artistry of the craftsmen's products, where their passion and energy resonate in each and every piece.
Personally, I have just taken the first step in martial arts, but the thought of meeting each and every customer on the path I will walk fills me with a sense of anticipation.
In my teenage years, I was particularly drawn to introspective films by directors such as Shuji Terayama, Nagisa Oshima, and Takeshi Kitano. However, it was when I came across Akira Kurosawa's "The Hidden Fortress" at a rental video store at that time that I first experienced the joy of watching movies. "The Hidden Fortress" is a work that embodies humanism, humor, life and death, and popular and traditional elements. It is a classic yet unparalleled piece that completely overturned my previous values with its exhilarating and refreshing impact. The sight of Toshiro Mifune, riding a bareback horse, gripping the hilt with both hands and swiftly slashing at the fleeing samurai without holding the reins, can be described as the most important cinematic experience for me. At KusakuraShop, comrades who have been fascinated by martial arts, Japanese culture, and art gather, transcending nationality and diverse perspectives. We are constantly preparing to deliver high-quality products with love, promptly meeting the expectations of customers worldwide. I feel the excitement and joy every day in the sense of mission to deliver the expected products to customers around the world.
We will carefully deliver, imagining the joy when customers first hold them, and envisioning that the products we deliver will become an important part of everyone's lives.
With heartfelt sincerity.

Baptiste Rozière - Web development

Baptiste Rozière - Web development
I will make everything I can to honor the company, to the quality of the products and the values that are transmitted.

Hi everyone,
My name is Baptiste Roziere, I was born in 1991 in France.
As long as I can remember I have always been interested in japanese pop culture (music, video games, mangas, animes…). My affection for this country has increased with time while discovering other aspects of its culture; and I had the chance to visit it in 2018. The experience I got was even better than expected, since then, my objective was to live there.
I had the opportunity to join the Seido team in the computer department following an interview and was able to move to Japan. I will make everything I can to honor the company, to the quality of the products and the values that are transmitted.

Rahel Bünzli - Production General Manager

Rahel Bünzli - Production General Manager
I back at Seido to support the team, further develop the products and make sure you get the best service possible!

Hi everyone
My name’s Rahel and I was born and raised in Switzerland.
I started practicing Aikido at a young age, and through it, I got in touch with the Japanese culture. My fascination for this country lead me to study Japanology and to spend one year as exchange student in Tokyo.
After graduating back home, I decided to return to Japan and dedicate some time to practice more intensively. That’s when I became part of the Seido team, at the beginning mostly working at and later running our embroidery and customization workshop. Roughly five years later, I enrolled in university in Switzerland again to strike a new path.
However, I never stopped missing Japan and the work I did at Seido, especially when I saw people wearing our Dogi, Hakama and belts somewhere on the mats abroad. (Yes, I couldn’t help secretly peeking at the embroideries to make sure the quality was up to Seido’s standards 😊). Hence, I back at Seido to support the team, further develop the products and make sure you get the best service possible!

Nicolas Nothum - Digital Media Specialist, photographer & videographer

Nicolas Nothum
I'm excited to be a member of this team and work on projects that...

Hi everyone!
My name is Nicolas Nothum, I was born in the north-east of France in 1984.
I always had a strong interest in Japanese culture and I first visited Japan in 2010. Since then, I had the chance to come back many times and finally decided to settle in Tokyo in 2014.
I got in touch with Seido in early 2015 as a freelance photographer and had the opportunity to work with them on diverse occasions. Now, I'm in charge of their digital media, I take care of everything related to video, photo and (almost) the entire visual content you see on our websites and YouTube page. I'm excited to be a member of this team and work on projects that will provide useful information about the Budo universe. I hope to offer content that catches your interest and piques your curiosity, content, that makes you want to see more. But above all, I want to highlight the amazing work the last Japanese traditional artisans do to create your equipment.
Be sure to stay updated and check our sites and social media regularly!

Alexandre Venancio - Order Preparation, Shipping & Warehouse Management

Alexandre Venancio - Order preparation
Passionate about Japan and diverse aspects of the Japanese culture, I’m the one who gets your order ready for shipping...

My name is Alexander Venânçio. I’m of Portuguese origin, born in 1988 in Paris.
Having had a grandfather in the Navy, who traveled around Asia, I got in touch with Asian cultures at a young age and was mainly attracted to the Japanese culture, which is so different from ours.
This encouraged me to practice Judo for several years. Why Judo? you may ask. Without a doubt, because you always can and have to excel yourself, while facing an opponent who deserves your respect - and for me, respect is of great value. Teaching me this, practicing Judo was a very rewarding experience.
My passion for Japanese arts, be it drawing, music, or architecture, but also its history, made me engage in this culture, loving this country more and more. After many travels to different regions of Japan, I finally moved to Tokyo to live daily in the midst of this culture.
It was at this very moment that I made the acquaintance of Seido. I got the chance to meet and work with a very dedicated team, retrieving the mentioned respect among the practitioners, and vis-à-vis the Japanese culture and its traditions.

Aya Yamamoto - Embroidery Workshop & Manager

Aya Yamamoto - Embroidery workshop Manager
Using the latest embroidery and sewing machines, I put my heart into offering you high standard Dogi customizations...

Hello everybody and welcome to SeidoShop!
For Seido, I mostly execute the Dogi alterations (like cutting sleeves/trousers, sewing reinforcements on Hakama etc.) and accomplish embroideries. Experiencing the bubbly energy of my two little boys daily, I was looking for an activity for them. The spirit of Aikido, in which winning or losing isn't a matter of physical strength and proper etiquette is taught during practice, seemed to be a good option. I'll never forget my boys’ facial expressions, bursting with pride, when they put on their first Dogi: Jacket and pants, embroidered with their names, made just for them!
Seido has the latest embroidery and engraving machines so we can customize the equipment and have them delivered with almost no delay. It's very rare that we can actually meet our customers in person; nonetheless, we are putting our heart into making a unique Dogi, trying to satisfy everyone who opts for our high-quality products. If you stay somewhere close to our shop, don't hesitate to drop by, because we'd love to meet you.

Satomi Kanazawa - Embroidery & Alteration

Satomi Kanazawa - Embroidery & Alteration
I always keep in mind the contented smiles of those who occasionally dropped by the shop...

Welcome to SeidoShop.
I was taught machine-sewing by my mother from a very young age, before I start studying both Western dressmaking and Japanese traditional clothing manufacturing at a specialized school.
In 2015, my son started Karate; it was the occasion for me to get interested in Budo and to discover Seido. Since I joined the Seido Team, I cultivated my sewing techniques and of course also developed it further; being constantly in contact with the careful craftsmanship and the attention to details dear to Japan, I learn a lot myself.
From the workshop, I do not exchange much with customers, but I always keep in mind the contented smiles of those who occasionally dropped by the shop to get their Dogi while I’m working on customizing new items.

Yukari Naruoka - Quality Control & Packaging

Yukari Naruoka -  Quality Control & Packaging
I hope that my work, combined to the quality of our products, will bring smiles to practitioners all over the world.

Hello everyone, and thank you for your interest in Seido.
Until now, I only had experience in the hospitality industry, but I joined Seido where I work while learning embroidery and sewing, product care, inspection and packaging everyday.
Everything is new to me and the discovery of this new industry as well as the acquisition of new skills is exciting for me.
I hope that my work, combined to the quality of our products, will bring smiles to practitioners all over the world.

And our former employees and interns : Lukas Kucharsky, Maho Somekawa, Jacques Gonzales, Rémi Bouchez, Florian Fasel, Stéphane Durand, Ines Ouedraogo, Charaf Abdelmeziane, Jason Faivre, Narjes Achour, Adrien Guigon, Yannick Lahely, Fouad Belouadheh, Tony Duong, Antoine Brisseau, Jean-François Rauch and Nicolas B, Basile Mathevet, Gaëtan Karst, Clément Guyomard, Jason Faivre, and Baptiste Tavernier. They all contributed to make Seido what it is today, and all of them will always be part of our story.

  • Eriko Hoshi Eriko
  • Lukas Kucharsky Lukas
  • Maho Somekawa Maho
  • Jacques Gonzales Jacques
  • Remi Bouchez Rémi
  • Florian Fasel Florian
  • Stephane Durand Stéphane
  • Ines Ouedraogo Inès
  • Charaf Abdelmeziane Charaf
  • Narjes Achour Narjes
  • Adrien Guigon Adrien
  • Alexandre Zirmi Alexandre
  • Fouad Belouadheh Fouad
  • Rémi Saracino Rémi
  • Yannick Lahely Yannick
  • Tony Duong Tony
  • Antoine Brisseau Antoine
  • Jean-François Rauch Jeff
  • Nicolas B Nicolas
  • Basile Mathevet Basile
  • Gaëtan Karst Gaëtan
  • Baptiste Tavernier Baptiste
  • Clément Guyomard Clément

The Seido Building @Wakoshi

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