Summer Special Discount

Summer July Special Sale
10% OFF on a selection of 16 popular products

Summer is here, at least in the north hemisphere, but tsuyu - the rainy season - isn't over yet. Very soon, temperature will rise above 30°C 24/7 and Aikido practice is going to be quite tough for a few months.

Summer means "summer seminars" and "summer camps" all over the world. We wish you fun and inspiring moments on the mats. 

This year, Seido will remain open during almost the whole summer time, we'll only take 2 to 3 days off, announcing the exact dates as soon as possible. Although we've managed to organize our vacations, insuring uninterrupted service, our craftsmen will take a week off in August - we'll keep you updated, of course.

So, feel free to place your order any time, and enjoy our summer discount selection, very nice and popular products, there's at least one you'd like to get, that's for sure.

This discount will be valid until July 31th

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