September Special Discount

10% OFF our new season essentials selection!

Hello fellow Budoka,
Summer is slowly coming to its end, and we're already in September. Temperatures broke records everywhere in Japan, as it seems to have happened on half of the planet. We hope you were safe and able to enjoy your summer nevertheless.

At Seido, we're ready to welcome the new season! For the new discount and those returning to the dojo, we picked a unique selection of products that will be 10% OFF! We selected various high-quality pieces of equipment. No matter your needs, you'll surely find the perfect product, should it be a weapon Aikido Set, Dogi, Hakama, Belts, Zekken, Bags, Sai, accessories, or something different.

This discount will run until October 3rd, 3 pm JPT.

August report

  • As you may have heard, we released a blog article about the unfortunate end of our relationship with the Jisei brand. Read the article on our blog for more information on this situation: History of our collaboration with the Murayama Token Workshop (Jisei brand).
  • Talking about Iaito, we will soon release a new In Stock Iaito from Minosaka's workshop. If you've always wanted to begin your Iaido journey but were still hesitating, we recommend you to check this product, we're sure you will appreciate it. Stay tuned!
  • Our video playlist from the 59th All Japan Aikido Demonstration is still growing on our channel! Don't forget to check out our dedicated playlist.

That's it for this month, enjoy the discount, and see you soon on!

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