September Special Discount

10% OFF on our new season essentials selection!

August is now over, the weather is still hot, the sun is still shining, but yet, once again for the beginning of the new season, things are still not quite like what they used to be.
The COVID-19 situation in Japan is seriously worsening, the state of emergency has been extended to several more prefectures, vaccination centers are very busy and it's still difficult to make appointments.
We experienced ups and downs all around the world, but we do still hope that everything will get better in the following months, and we wanted to give you once again our continuous support in these dark times.
The general section of the Olympics finished a few weeks ago and we are thrilled for the Paralympics which have recently started and will (already) be over soon.

Many of you took advantage of our last discount on Dogi & Hakama and we would like to thanks all our customers, you're making a difference in the industry in these very difficult times, and we couldn't be more proud of what we are achieving together.
Practicing in Dojo is still difficult in many countries but it seems protocols are now put in place to allow for a gradual return to normal. So, we wanted to continue moving forward as well and for the new season, we're offering a 10% discount on our essentials selection!
We selected 30 high-quality pieces of equipment coming from almost all the categories of the shop. No matter your martial art, you will find something you need, should it be a Dogi, Hakama, Belt, Iaito, Bag, accessories, or something different.

This discount will end on September 30th, 3 pm Japan Time, don't miss it!

August report

Even if the pace of August has been a little bit slower, we are still working a lot backstage:

  • We implemented an improved version of our stock availability module that allows you to display the remaining articles on products with low stock and long production time. A feature that will really come in handy given the situation of the industry, and especially for wooden weapons.
  • In our "Budo, A way of life" Series, we just published our interview with Rionne McAvoy. Born in Australia, Rionne is a very prolific practitioner as he is training in Wrestling, Aikido, Kickboxing, and Japanese Jujutsu. Watch it now on our YouTube Channel.
  • We are currently working on two other videos that should be released in the following months! Stay tuned!

That's it for this month, enjoy the discounts, and see you soon on!

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