April Special Discount


Currently, people are confined home in most of the countries we serve on a daily basis. It is not a time for non-vital martial art equipment purchase, and we naturally do not feel comfortable with pushing discounts and promotions. Still, it's not a time to do nothing and Seido is also severely impacted by the situation and needs to stay in business. This is why we opted for this compromise: 10% OFF on all Iaito, items who are long to produce and who probably won't be delivered before the end of the containment measures anyway, and 5% donation to Doctor Without Borders, a charity which is involved in the fight against the coronavirus outbreaks worldwide. For now, all donations will go to Doctors Without Borders only. We chose them because they have a special expertise in epidemic management and their doctors work everywhere in the world, including in European and North American countries where they currently provide support to local medical facilities.

This offer will end on May 1st at 11 am, Japan time.

March Report:

- March has been a tough month for a significant part of the world and we would like to express our sincere support to all those who are affected directly or indirectly by this situation. We first thought that Japan would be struck the hardest after China and Korea, but the situation evolved on a different path and Europe and North America are now under enormous stress.

- On the Youtube side, we published some videos from our Fukushima Budo Tour event: the history of the Nisshinkan Samurai School, two Yosakoi videos, which is a japanese traditional dance, a one hour lecture from Alexander Bennett about Bushido in the Aizu Clan.
We also continued to publish video from the last 43rd Kobudo Embu Taikai 2020.

That's all for now. Enjoy our discounts and contents, stay safe and see you soon on SeidoShop.com!

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