Seido's 10 Years Anniversary - 6th Edition

Seido's 10 Years Anniversary - 6th Edition

10% OFF on All Weapon Sets & InStock Iaito

November is here, fall is slowly settling, and life goes on.

The covid second wave is hitting hard in Europe, numbers are still devastating in the Americas, and although Asia seems to be spared from a big second wave, Japan is also seeing its number of cases rising. 
We realize that, without your support and efforts, we couldn't survive such a hard hit, and we would like to thank you heartfully for your continued vote of confidence.

As the pandemic continues and hope for a quick resolution is fading, more and more Budoka and newcomers are starting weapon arts. Kenjutsu, Aikido weapons, or Iaido are now the last refuges for the most motivated of us. 

To help make the transition more affordable, we decided to offer 10% OFF on All Weapon Sets & InStock Iaito.

Please note that this offer will end on November 26th, at 4pm Japan time.

And don't forget, this month, we are preparing you something special for the upcoming Black Friday, so stay tuned.

October report

On the website side, we have published some new products:

- Many of you asked for it, we are happy to announce that we are now offering the Straight Tanken from the Aramaki Workshop. This high-quality Japanese White Oak Tanken is particularly used for Tankendo & Jukendo Kata. Made on request and with the specifications provided by Baptiste Tavernier, director of the Jukendo federation international committee, this Tanken is the official model recommended for Tankendo practice.

- We are also offering three new colors of our famous Kakuobi Deluxe Cotton: Sand, Blue Sky, and Hazelnut. With these new variations, you will have now the choice between 13 colors.

- Speaking of Kakuobi, we just released the new Deluxe Patterned Kakuobi for Iaido practice. The specificity of this high-end quality Kakuobi is that its pattern will be randomly assigned. Japanese people are fond of the concept of implementing a part of randomness within the purchase of a product. Thus, when you order this Kakuobi, you won't know what the pattern will be, no matter the color. This new product is, of course, 100% Made In Japan.

And last but not least, we just published the first video of our new series of interviews that will focus on "Budo applications outside of the Dojo, in life and at work". We are pleased to start with Michael Reinhard, consultant, practitioner of both Katori Shinto Ryu and Chikubujima Ryu Bojutsu, and who have been living in Japan for 10 years. 

All Budo and Kobudo demonstrations are still suspended in Japan, so there won't be any demonstration video coming in the following months, but two other interviews are planned in November, so stay tuned! More content's coming! 

That's it for this month, please take care, enjoy our content, and enjoy the discounts!

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