October Special Discount

October Special Discount!

Hello fellow Budoka!

The weather is finally getting cooler here in Japan! While late, the beautiful lycoris (red spider lily flowers) have started to blossom, marking the beginning of autumn.
Soon, the first colorful leaves will start to appear and the harvest season will begin, bringing with it autumnal Matsuri (festival). For us at Seido, this is one of the best periods of the year.

With the temperatures being more livable, training at the dojo is also getting more enjoyable, and this is with renewed energy that we meet other Budoka on the mats.

To celebrate the arrival of the autumn, we picked a selection of products that will be 10% OFF!

You'll find various high-quality pieces of equipment such as Dogi, Calligraphies, Belts, Bags, Samue, and more.

This discount will run until October 24th, 3 pm JST, so don't miss the opportunity.

That's it for this month, enjoy the discounts, and see you soon on SeidoShop.com!

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